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Monday, March 30, 2009

Finding Coffee Money

I know, I know, sponsors, ads, commercials, blah! But in a tough economy there are a few truisms.

Business cuts advertising first when they need to tighten the corporate belt. Not a great idea because when times are tough, competition is tougher. You NEED advertising. It’s still the first place they cut!

But, we all have things we’ve had to cut back on or out. For me, it’s my cappuccinos! At three bucks a pop, those are rare treats now where they used to be the beverage stop of choice before work when I was in Michigan in better times. I know fellow designers who have been selling scrapbook kits longer than me have noted cuts there too. We might even be looking at a ticket OR a hot-dog at the ballpark this year!

An awesome band aid that might get us all through these times with a little less stress, at least on occasion, is to check out the opportunities online. I looked at a Freelance Job Board where they match businesses getting what they need for a little less with people looking to earn a little more. You all know I do sponsored posts. Those sponsors haven’t afforded my daily cappuccino again, but I can treat myself weekly and I love not having to ask David for little things at the gas station when we’re railfanning!

If you’re feeling a pinch, it might be worth a click to check it out and see if any of the opportunities match what you enjoy doing. Some things pay more, some less, but this post alone will buy a cup of Speedway coffee, soft pretzel at a Mud Hens game or a set of Digitalegacies Designs Project 365 templates. What could you get for just a little bit of your spare time?

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