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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mmm... Fresh Gazpacho!

I was reading a friends blog, heck, I’ve read posts on several blogs about gardens now that the spring weather is starting to look like it's gonna stick around. This happens to me every year, I get the garden bug! Yikes! Garden bug, Dad used to have trouble with those eating one plant or another every year. His garden is much smaller now, but he still battles those who would be the "extra protein" in his veggies! That makes me wonder about bugs in my garden if I try it too!

When I think garden, I think of how awesome it would be to have tomatoes and cucumbers in the back yard. YUM! Fresh gazpacho, salsa and made from tomatoes right off the vine spaghetti sauce! Never mind that I can just crunch right into a fresh cuke and garden-grown is the only way I’ll eat a tomato that isn’t part of something else. I love tomatoes, but prepping them for market changes the flavor, ya know?

So what will it take to get Nani digging up some dirt to grow a couple of food-providers?

You’ve heard me rave about Safer Brand organic pesticides and what a great idea those are for garden vegetables that give you just the veggie and it’s goodness when you eat them, rather than adding chemicals to your food. Safer Brand has an organic tomato growing kit that might be a convincing argument for me to mark off a garden patch (pun SO intended) in our backyard.

The tomato and vegetable gardening kit includes a bottle of tomato and vegetable insect killer that is OMRI listed, organic and made to target those pests that are naturally attracted to your garden veggies! They list more bugs that the spray will attack before they can attack your plants than I knew there were!

The kit includes the Stake It Easy system. That’s truly cool! You can make the skeletons for little tomato castles in your garden! The system includes stake anchors and 36” stakes with expandable connectors and extensions. You ban build a stake network up to 6 feet tall to support the best growth of your vegetable plants.

So, after a few blogs and then checking out the Safer Brand site again and discovering the kit that can get me started, I’m taking an even more serious look at making this my garden year! I can taste the fresh gazpacho already!


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