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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I’d Rather Hear It From YOU!

I’ve talked to you before about that awesome site where we ignore the professional critics and let the real people do the talking about entertainment. You can read real paying customers giving their take on the films with action, family or Mystery Movie Reviews. If you’ve seen it and have an opinion, good or bad, you can become the critic too!

I went into length about the volumes of reviews for Movies last time I talked about this awesome site. This time, let’s talk music! When I went to the page for music reviews , on the front page was a review for Rissi Palmer. I became familiar with her music through a free download of her single, “Country Girl” via an iTunes download coupon at Starbucks. It was the pick of the day download and I’m so glad I grabbed that card and downloaded the single! It’s fantastic!

Rissi’s reviewer at the customer review site was pleased as well. She’d heard the single, which I just found out reading the review is NOT on any album. It’s only available by download. But the review promises that the album is what I’d expect after hearing the single. I LOVE that. It’s real hype, not paid hype. It’s not someone getting perks or a paycheck from the record company. It’s a real fan with opinions that are not obstructed by who or what she can’t say because that artist records for a different label. She can tell you that if you like Natasha Beddingfied and Carry Underwood, you’ll like Rissi, because she like all three and knows what sound is similar that makes her a fan. It’s a REAL review!

So for the best reviews, the best ways to spend your entertainment time and money, check out this site! You won’t be disappointed! And if you find yourself really up or down on something in the entertainment industry, get on board and share your views! In the long run, artists or fans, it helps everyone!

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