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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nani The Orange Marble

What a great break in the day! I took a few minutes to play as a guest at MagNext . Yeah, if you go there it says “Kids Zone.” Let’s be optimistic and call it “Inner Kid Zone.”

You know I’m always on the lookout for things that might be entertaining and new for when Tori and Rina visit. MagNext looks pretty cool. You are a ball. If you sign up you can dress your ball and stuff, so, since it was free, I signed up to be a marbled orange ball. Oh, and if you see a moneybag, click on it! You’ll get a free gift! I found that out by clicking and I got a free hanger, so I can be a Christmas ball now. It’s a Flash game, so the graphics are really cool. One of the classes available for my certificate is Flash, so there is a point of personal interest in checking it out too.

In this outer space-type virtual world there are cool games to play. I tried iCoaster. In iCoaster, you, or me, the marbled orange ball, travels on a roller coaster rail. Fun! But wait! It is a game after all and not just the fun of watching yourself as a ball ride the coaster! As you are cruising along there are pieces of the rail missing! Your mission is to select pieces from the menu and put them in place. I get the game, but I also have that think-quick and mouse ability of an adult who spends her computer time writing or slowly and carefully placing pieces in PhotoShop. I bet Rina or Tori could do a better job of not falling off the rail and meeting their doom. Hey, maybe they can teach me? I did a much better job of getting the hang of the car races. I even earned some mags to put towards buying a hat, but you won’t see my ID on the top scores any time in the next 20 years!

The more people you know in the game, the more fun it can be. If you have a game lovin’ kid in your world, they’ll lover this, and they might even teach you how to play!


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