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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

cluster made with “I Feel Lucky” by Digitalegacies Designs

Happy St. Patrick’s day to all who celebrate it! I remember years ago the ad agency producers at work took off at lunch and never came back. It was an unofficial half-day holiday. They “networked” for the afternoon. I guess seducing Irish clients at the pub, right? ;)

I am wearing my green today. It’s in my green Irish eyes! That’s where I get those green eyes from, also the freckles here and there. I have a little real Irish blood in me! Of course, the green eyes is where my legitimate Irish green stops. St. Patrick is the Catholic patron saint of Ireland. The Catholic part of Ireland is represented by the green part of the flag. My Irish ancestors are represented by the orange part of the flag. They were Protestant.

I do have one glitzy “Kiss Me I’m Irish” T-shirt in black with green sequins, but on St. Pat’s day, I usually wear my Siena Heights shirt. It’s long-sleeved and green. Now, my school colors are blue and yellow and usually I don’t wear things that are in the “wrong” colors. I support breast cancer research, but you’ll never see me in a pink baseball cap. But, I make a one-day exception for my school shirt in green. I am not Catholic and my Irish isn’t Catholic, but I went to a Catholic university! So, green for St. Patrick with my school logo is totally appropriate!

When Mom was a preteen to teenager, my Great Grandfather used to growl at her on St. Patrick’s day because she wore green to school. He made a point of reminding her that she was NOT Catholic Irish! Dad-dad died when I was very young, but I remember him as a loving man who could rumble the rafters if he was peeved at something. I hope that wearing green to represent the Catholic school where I earned my degree can keep me from feeling that rumble from beyond!

I have a couple of sweet mentions from blog friends I want to share!

First, Edna has bestowed upon me another award to brag about.

Yanno, as a new pro-designer in a new shop, there are many challenges to my ego and general desire to keep doing it. When I only sell one or two things in a month, it’s a little discouraging! But I have to remember that I’m new at this, I’m building my own reputation and also working to build the store’s image as well. (Darlene Haughin has been a GREAT coach!) But all this makes getting recognition for my design work, from a scrapper and designer in her own right that I respect, even more meaningful to me. Thanks, Edna! The encouragement and boost from a friend is a WONDERFUL gift!

I am passing this one one to some great unsung, or not sung enough, heroes in the designing world!

Tirza’s Treasures

Veelana’s Designs
LiviaY Designs
Kim’s Scrappin’

These are all fairly new, not quite pro or not as widely known designers that are just FANTASTIC at the craft!

mITSYBELLE tagged me for the 6 and 6 photo show and tell. Since I’d already done it, I told her I’d show 7 and 7! So, here’s the 7th photo in the 7th folder on my EHD.

The seventh folder is called “Photography” and it’s my artsy-ish shots! This is an evening shot of the CN tower in Toronto in July of 1999.

Okay, now for the eating part of break time. I'm debating between a nice green salad or a splurge for a small shamrock shake. Either one means I go for a ride in the almost 60 degree sun today! Luck of the Irish, huh?


Kim's Scrappin' said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!! I don't wear green, not one of my favorite colors. :) Thank you for the award and the comments :)

Tirza said...

Thank you, Nani, for you really sweet comments on my blog and thank you for the award. I was reading your post about gardening. I sure would like a nice fresh, vine-ripened tomato in a sandwich. But it'll be summer soon enough and plenty of tomatoes then.

mITSYBELLE said...

Hi there Nani, thanks so much for the Award and mention :)

Take care