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Monday, March 30, 2009

Nani! What Big Eyes You Have!

Well, I made it through my first appointment with my new optometrist this morning. Living on a 35 MPH street with a school just a house length away made my first challenge of the day getting out of the driveway! Then I was driving into the sun looking for the office, passed it by almost a mile and turned around. I did find it in plenty of time for my appointment. It’s a storefront office right next to Cold Stone Creamery. That’s the Cold Stone David and I both get our free birthday ice cream at!

As I suspected, my right eye has become way different than my prescription for distance. Looking at the letter chart without my glasses and one eye covered, then the other, wow am I off balance now! My distance prescription is way stronger on the right than the left. I asked the assistant who did the refraction test on me if that was something that should worry me. She said the doctor would let me know if there was cause for concern. She gave me three drops in each eye to dilate them for the rest of the tests the doctor would do.

According to Dr. Bloomberg, the eyes tend to do the most of their big changes between 40 and 60! That’s when the eye’s lenses start to lose their elasticity, but it’s normal and not something to worry about. It’s just something that may cost new lenses every checkup! I remember when my eyes first started to change in different directions as the year passed. One eye would get worse for distance and one worse for close up. That was when I was around 40. Dr. Levin said, “Happy birthday, welcome to middle age!” Remember, Dr. Levin was my eye-guy since I was 13. He was quite in tune with my sense of humor.

So, now I definitely need some new glasses. I picked out a back-up frame for distance and a set of reading/computer glasses. Those will ease the pain in my back from leaning in so I can see the screen! I’ll pick them up when they are ready, in a couple of weeks, and I’ll drop off my current glasses and my sunglasses to have the lenses replaced. Now I just have to let them finish regaining some semblance of normal when the drops wear off!

After checking out, I got my free pair of stylish paper sunglasses. You know, the really dark one so you can drive home with dilated pupils. I got home at 9:30, had coffee and went up to the computer. I couldn’t see the screen. They told me it would be a couple hours before I could see up close well. So now I can see well enough to type, but not really to read comfortably. My hands do know a little about the keyboard and I’m not totally hunt dependent to peck. (but spell check hurts a little still!) My HUGE pupils are just now starting to slowly shrink when the light hits them. It’ll wear off soon, but I still can’t read and I’m thinking TV might hurt, but maybe I’ll make lunch and give it a try.

That picture? As big as my pupils are, see the white dots? It was full bright self-portrait flash and still, no shrinking! I look like Kaline when she’s giving the little kitten face. (Or a possessed horror-film extra)

Before I get going to lunch, I want to mention to everyone who stops by for the occasional freebie that I have a freebie poll going on. It’s right under the iPod in the right column. I want to know what types of freebies you enjoy. Whether I’m giving them from the blog or inviting you to the store, I want to offer freebies you can use!

Okay, now I’m really feeling like an egg roll and a rest for my eyes!

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