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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Memorial Day Weekend, 2006

It was a nice Tuesday today! I paid some bills and while out doing that, got a a new job lead source! I also, feeling lucky from my errands run, jiggled a little at the connection on the computer for the bike and it powered right up when I plugged it in! YAY!!! Now I can set the resistance to “uphill!” 5 minutes and not just my legs, but even my butt was tingling! And the sensors on everything worked too, when I asked for the results of my 1-mile mini-ride, it gave me high marks for speed, calories burned and heart rate. Aside from the crippling pain in my knee, I’m in pretty good shape for too round! LOL

As you know, I collect “shorts” for my blog and post a variety blog every now and then. Well, except that I just had to put a little stand-alone post about my plans to roast Chuck for dinner after implying that we’d have 6 more weeks of winter. That was topical and needed to be presented first thing...the day after. :) Hey, I live with a newspaper man. It may not be “live” but I take the time to make sure the facts are right.

Well, and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Read Any Good Books Lately?

I’m reading “Slouching Toward Fargo,” by Neal Karlen. David borrowed it from a coworker and let me read it after he was done. Yes, he warned his coworker that I’m a slow reader. This one, even though it’s a baseball story, has started really slow for me. It's not just the dyslexic slow. It’s a “not feeling it" slow. It’s written in first person and the beginning of the book is very much about the writing business. I can so get why David would enjoy that, a combination of “talking shop” and a personal passion second only to trains...well, maybe after trains and poker now. But the “shop talk” for a shop I’m not in was a little drudging for me. David promises it gets better, more baseball and less about writing. I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt.

I've left the link for Book Swim on The Chronicles’ bulletin board. The click is still worth 50% off your first month there! I’m thinking I might see if David would want to give it a try. I don’t read quick enough. It’s like someone who watches one movie a month joining NetFlix, but between the two of us, maybe. I know I was avidly searching the house for a new book after the holidays. I wasn’t going out through a foot of snow with a nasty cold to even go to the library at the beginning of the year. It would have been nice to have a book delivered to my mailbox!

Guest CT Spot

Oh, this one isn’t me looking. (although if you’re interested, Digitalegacies Designs still has a couple of openings!) This is about me BEING! I am a guest CT member for Tirza’s Treasures for the month of February. I was originally going to be her guest for January, then I got my own store. It was Linda’s suggestion that I might want to postpone my CT agreement until I got settled at Scrap Bird. I SO appreciate her wise suggestion! It really did take the better part of January to get into a rhythm as a pro designer. But now, I’m so happy to get this CT position!

I made the offer to CT for Tirza’s Treasures during the SAS designer contest. Linda was forced out of two contests thanks to Ike and a power outage that kept her from making the deadlines. Her kits are fabulous and I offered that when, not if, but when, she gets a store, to contact me about CTing. So now I get top play with some really great kits (that I didn’t have to make first!)

The first kit I’m working with is “Soft As Steel.”

Isn’t this a gorgeous kit?? Such perfect colors for a spring weekend combining the awakening greens with the cool steel of the rails and dusty industry of a limestone plant!

This is my first layout with Soft As Steel.

Credits: kit - "Soft As Steel" by Tirza's Treasures
Fonts - Ma Sexy and Chalkboard

I’m using this kit for all of the pages from our railfan trip in Canada Memorial Day of 2006. See? I am making a little headway in catching up!

FBR Anyone?

I’ll finish this entry with a reminder about a feature that hasn’t had any love since Thanksgiving! I guess, it’s kind of okay, since I’ve been so tied up with getting the new settled in my world, but I’m a well-adjusted job seeker by day and newlywed-pro scrapbook designer-Donna Reed by night and I’m ready, willing and wanting to take a Friday challenge again!

If you aren’t familiar with Friday By Request, you can check out the guidelines for making a request here. There is also a link to every request I’ve done since August 2006, 52 entries on Blogspot or Yahoo that have been requested by you the readers of The Chronicles of Nani!

I welcome your new challenges for 2009!

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