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Thursday, February 12, 2009

"A Chair For My Little Friend"

Blue floral upholstered chair at Zoolabees

I didn’t have a doll house when I was a little girl, well, unless you include a Barbie Townhouse. But I mean sweet little miniatures, like I used to marvel at when I watched “The Friendly Giant.” Honestly, I don’t remember a ton about the show, except that the Giant always set up dollhouse chairs for us, his little friends, when we came to visit. His miniature guest living room made a definite impression on Little Nani!

Zoolabees is such a cool site! They have all kinds of dollhouse miniatures. I thought the mini fireplace and all of its accessories were very cool and there’s a computer set up and nice desk chair for the office too. I think the office set and the fireplace would be must-haves for me if I started a dollhouse now.

Don’t laugh! There are actually more adults who enjoy collecting and arranging their own miniature kingdoms than children! The hobby especially appeals to those who enjoy interior decorating. The dollhouse world in miniature is the softer rendition of model railroading, only instead of carrying coal, it’s serving tea! Of course, if I was doing it, I’d have to have plenty of comfy chairs and a cappuccino bar, to greet my little friends too...and one really HUGE chair, just in case my old friend, the Friendly Giant stopped by! ;)

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Veelana said...

Have you ever played Sims 2? You build and decorate your own house AND then you have little people living in there :-)

I love dollhouses - I'm so glad I have kids now - and the sim game is the ultimate dollhouse!