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Monday, February 2, 2009

Thinking About Making That Leap?

If you are thinking about making that leap from blogger to webmaster and starting a site, perhaps even with your own domain, you’ve got some ground work ahead of you first! I know because I went through all of that when I started my DIgitalegacies video business in 2004. What I wouldn’t have given to find a resource for affordable, even cheap web hosting!

Web Hosting Report compares web hosting sites for price and services offered and makes that decision and even just finding the hosting sites easier!

If you have a small business and just that little blurb made your eyes glaze over, they can help that too! They have articles to help you get started, even beginners will find the answers they need to get the best deal for their hosting needs!

Web Hosting Report is an invaluable tool to have bookmarked for your hosting needs!


seamhead gypsy said...

just a word of caution. be careful were your isp is from. i once had an isp that (unknown until later) was based in England! while that was ok when things were going well, it was very, very, very difficult when i tried to leave them. long story short was in order to leave, or not renew, i had to send a letter requesting to cancel. I did so and it came back as "undeliverable, no such establishment." and i got the address right from their web site.

i ended up contacting my credit card company and told them that i hadn't received services promised and got the charges reversed ... but not without several threatening letters from across the pond, which ironically had the same address that i used to send my cancel request.

i now use go daddy and while they may not be the lowest in cost, they do have outstanding help and customer service.

seamhead gypsy

Nani said...

Great point!

Web Hosting Direct gives you the best value for price and a link to the home pages of the hosting sites.

You should always check out the "contact us" link, which if not obvious in the menu, should be at the bottom of the page in the text-links across the very bottom. Make sure you can contact your web host directly if there are any problems before you make your investment with their company!