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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Super Sunday!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I have so much to do, announce and share in the next 6 hours! Yes, of course I will be in front of the TV! This is the biggest sports holiday in the US! Notice I say, the US and not biggest period. The biggest sports holiday if still another 2 months away. The biggest and single most important sports holiday is April 6, officially at 1:10 PM (ET) But today is by far the biggest group party sports holiday.

Super Bowl Sunday gathers more than just the faithful, it gathers the casual fans and the indifferent fans seeking the community of the devoted. In that sense, Super Bowl Sunday is more like Christmas than Opening Day. Of course, that’s where the similarities stop. It’s not as eerie a parallel as Opening Day!

Any team with the right heart, the right chemistry on any given Sunday can win and on this given Sunday can be the Champions. I was listening to sports radio yesterday, where they said in the preseason polls, The Pittsburgh Steelers were, I think 20 to one odds for winning the Super Bowl. The Arizona Cardinals were FORTY to one! And here they are, hours away from facing off against each other in the biggest TV day in the United States, in the most watched program of the year.

I understand that the economy is reeking some havoc on what is usually a major windfall for the host city. Poor Tampa Bay, after the lackluster sales at the World Series to not getting the stimulus package the Super Bowl is supposed to represent, they’ve had a wonderful, yet drab 2008 sports year!

NBC did finally sell out the advertising spots, but without some of the regular big-gun advertisers returning. The are claiming record revenues, but that’s only because the cost keeps rising every year. Record sales and record revenues are different stats! As I understand it from inside sources, they were worried. It took much longer to sell out this year. I’m not expecting as much from the commercials as in years past. The money for production just isn’t there after the spot time is purchased. The economic woes of the country are hitting every one!

As for me, I‘m still hoping to see good Budweiser spots, and a win for the Cardinals. I love those who beat the odds and I enjoy being there , or at least watching live, as history is made. Kurt Warner would then be the first quarterback to lead 2 teams to a Super Bowl victory. If I couldn’t see our Patriots win with a perfect season last year, I want to see Warner get his piece of history this year!

Okay, break tome to prep the groceries list! Stay tuned for some Digitalegacies announcements!

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