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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wait ‘Til NEXT Year!

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day this year, whether it was with your spouse, unmarried Significant Other or just with the people who make you feel loved. But if you did spend that “lovers’ holiday” with friends and family or if you spent it alone, maybe you might be ready to launch you own passion search.

Passionsearch.com is a different kind of site. It’s not one of those sites where you fill out a profile and hope someone reads it, like a girl sitting all alone at a bar hoping someone nice, not creepy buys her a drink or that opportunity to meet someone at the airport before they fly back home 1000 miles away. When you sign up for Passionsearch, you’ll be asked relevant questions, to target you to local people.

Don’t think it’s one of those sites that essentially sets up blind dates either. They don’t ask for personal information to find you a “perfect match” on paper. They let you explore and see if you can meet someone local, with similar interests, but enough differences to have some spark. They realize that a little chemistry goes a long way.

The best thing about Passionsearch.com is it’s absolutely free! You don’t have to pay to respond to someone interested and you don’t even have to pay to make the first move! So many sites have monthly charges taken off your credit card or charge per message you send! Passionsearch doesn’t even ask if you have a credit card. Membership and participation are free!.

When you go to the Passionsearch home page, you’ll be guided in interactive video format to enter in the basics and get you started on a new way to meet other singles seeking singles. More targeted than most and not as intrusive as others, Passionsearch may be just what you’re looking for to make next year the most memorable Valentine’s Day of your life!


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