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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Snippets 2

I really did have a few things collected that I wanted to blog about! Yes, it was Buckeye Chuck all on his own again at coffee break time this morning. TASTY dinner last night! hehe...

Today was a comme ci, comme ca day. That’s French for “so-so” but I was hoping a little romance language would make it feel better. Hmm... nope. Asi-asi? Nah, Spanish didn’t make so-so better either.

On the jobless front, I sent off some initial letters to a few recruiting agencies. Then, as I was finishing one of the letters, right as I finished typing my phone number, my phone rang! It was John. He was looking for an update on the weekend. The Saturday we’d originally scheduled his 50th birthday dinner on was a snow storm in Michigan a week after our foot Saturday, so we rescheduled it for this weekend with a regular games night. While I was on the phone with John, another call came in. This was a job related call.

I hung up with John and returned the call from a company in North Carolina that does job coaching stuff. At one site where I distributed my resume in Toledo, they offer a free consultation to go over your resume. That's what this is, except it’s not. This call the gentleman talked about setting up an appointment with the president of their company to go over my resume, their services and what they can do to help me. He set me up the appointment to call them tomorrow morning. I did ask about the fee, he told me that would be discussed tomorrow but gave me their web address.

The average cost for an individual looking for a job for their services is 5 to 10...THOUSAND dollars! For that “investment” I get two weeks of training with the resulting expectation that I will be able to find a job, on my own, in about 6 months or so.

---choke, choke---

Now, if I had five to ten thousand dollars laying around to fix my resume, I probably wouldn’t need it fixed since I’d have to ALREADY HAVE A JOB to have that kind of money laying around. I could probably scrape up a couple hundred for a really good resume, but thousand? THOUSAND? YEESH! What country are they living in? One much more prosperous than the USA right now.

I spent the rest of the afternoon researching local companies that do resume writing and career coaching. There has to be someplace that can just do a professional resume for under a few grand!

I’m A Naughty Clicker!

Well, I’m not supposed to click on my own ads. But look at the picture! Clinique’s own rendition of that was in big and bold and beautiful full length of the Google ad spot on The Chronicles of Nani. My storage is paid for this month and I have been, I’m not kidding here, using HAND lotion for moisturizer for almost 6 months! Thanks in part to the apples I’ve been able to sell, I mean stuff ON an Apple, I have enough to get some proper facial moisturizer. If I stretched out what I had enough, I could foot the bill for my all-time FAVORITE, reason everyone used to think I was so much younger than I am moisturizer and get the bonus with it, which includes an exfoliating lotion and a cleanser. My poor face is so dry and flaky-looking. So I moved my mouse over the ad, the Angel and Devil on my shoulders.

Well ya know what? That Devil actually told me to wait and click for something more expensive because I look good for a senior! The Angel decked him and said “Go on and click honey, Google will understand for one click, you’re making a purchase after all.” So I clicked it.

The nice man from UPS brought my box this morning. Right after lunch I exfoliated and put on some Dramatically Different Moisturizer. It felt SO GOOD! My face just drank it up and I put on another application. My face was already starting to look like me again! Tonight, I’m going to do an oatmeal facial and a mask. I’m anxious to try the utility blusher and mascara too, but I’m not sure what I’ll do with 2 full-size lipsticks. I really don’t wear lipstick. I’m a clear lip balm girl.

Oh yeah, Google either knew it was me or Ad-sense is a bit of a rip off. It registered a click, but no payment for the click. Usually a click is worth 3-50 cents and this one resulted in a sale! That Angel was right, the Angel is always right!

Old Freebies

Next month will be the one-year anniversary of my first kit, “Train, Train.” I think I’m going to do a new train kit. this one will be in the store, the main kit anyway, with new and different stuff and with my skills greatly improved as a designer. I think, for the sake of space in my 4-Shared account, that I’ll retire freebies after a year.

That means if you haven’t seen and downloaded the old kits, you want to make sure you do! By the end of March, “Train, Train,” “I’m All In,” and “Raspberry-Orange Slushie” will all be history

Patch 365 Week 6

Heck, I’m a wise old married lady now! Six weeks, wow.

credits: kit - "Train, Train" by Digitalegacies Designs,
Project 365 Template 4 by Sweet Tomato Designs

Journaling reads:
Tuesday, 1/27 - Baggle alarm clock says, “Feed me, Dad, feed me NOW!”
Wednesday, 1/28 - MORE SNOW! We just might need to get one of those snow blowers of our own! Thank God for great lending neighbors!
Thursday, 1/29 - The icicles are HUGE and they don’t even look pretty anymore!
Friday, 1/30 - Think we can train her to flush too?
Saturday, 1/31 - Durand, MI, those CRAZY railfans!
Sunday, 2/1 - a little bit of pre-Super Bowl railfanning at home
Monday, 2/2 - If Mommy bends over the bed and makes a nice cat-pillow, Kaline is THERE!

This week’s layout was done with a template NOT by me. I found a new blog just yesterday, Sweet Tomato Designs. Yeah, I was drawn to the name. I think it’s pretty cool. If you stop there, you’ll find all four of her Project 365 Templates and a couple of other freebies too!

I did Week 6 with Sweet Tomato’s Project 365 Template 4 and “Train, Train” You know, A year ago I thought “Train, Train” was a pretty big and complete kit! When I do the new train kit some time in the not so distant future, I might add, oh, ribbons, journal mats, more than one frame. Yeah, I’m pleased to say I’ve grown as a designer. But I’m also very pleased to say that it’s still a good kit! I will probably work on photographing for extraction some new signals and signs, but I did a good job on the signal masts in “Train, Train.” So, if you have a train buff, model railroader or little one who loves to watch the freight trains, stay tuned for an even better way to scrap those shots of them in the future! Steam kits are cool, but a kit for lifelike models or real freight trains? You don’t want to let that runaway!

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Veelana said...

Hey there,
sorry to hear that this agency charges so much money! Do you really need it,though? Can't you write your own resume? there should be plenty of website that can help you brush it up - I'd start with http://www.myresumeonline.org/ or something like that...
The German resume is totally different, its a form that you pretty much just have to fill in...

I'm sure you'll find a job eventually!