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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Post Kitten Claws Shopping

I’ve been doing some window shopping. Sometimes things need replaced around the house! Max Furniture is a company based in Texas that had some nice things to think about in my cyber-travels!

First off, I noticed they have some really nice Bathroom Vanity Cabinets. I wasn’t looking for new stuff in the bathroom, but whenever I start looking at new home stuff, I always end up looking at the bathroom stuff first. My Dad is a construction man and my bathroom when we lived together was redone twice. Dad doesn’t do plumbing, but he does tile and design work!

But what I wanted to see was Home Furniture. Our next real purchase in the home will be in the living room. We have a living room set that has a few years and a kitten on it! David has said a few times, “That love seat owes me nothing.” It’s been around a while. It predates his wife and definitely predates Kaline.

When Azzie was a kitten we had a similar situation at Mom and Dad’s house. a couch that Dad always used that “owed us nothing.” Cats flex there claws on an inanimate object when they’re happy. We eventually found a scratching post that Az liked, but Azzie was Dad’s cat and before we found that post, she flexed her claws on that couch. It took a few years because they weren’t sharpened on the couch, only flexed, but eventually the old couch started showing the effects of her claws. Once we finally had her on the post, she stopped clawing the couch and it was time for a new one.

Kaline is a Momma’s girl. She likes to hang out when both Mommy and Daddy are there, but, even then, she “shows her joy” with us all being together by flexing her claws in the love seat, where I usually sit. Kaline has been in this house since just after her first birthday and she’ll soon be four. The love seat is starting to show some frayed spots! Of course, I wanted to see what kinds of living room furniture Max Furniture has!

They have some really sweet sets! I was drawn to check out the Sectional Couches. Our living room furniture is in a right angle setup anyway, so a sectional sofa would work great and give room for one more butt instead of an empty corner between the two pieces. There are some nice leather sets, but I liked the upholstered ones with plenty of pillows! I’ve always loved lots of pillows. It goes back to my coveting Jeannie bottle in I Dream of Jeannie when I was a kid!

They have really nice sets with additional pieces you can add. In the one I was looking at, I’d want to oversize ottoman, but we don’t have space for the armchair, and the shipping is FREE!

We have, I hope, just a little more time before we get that right post for Kaline. Then we’ll be in the market for that new living room. I’m keeping Max Furniture bookmarked! If you’re kitten is already post-satisfied, or if you just want to update any room in the house, Max Furniture is definitely worth a look!

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