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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Key To A Successful Diet

It’s that time of year, make or break time for the resolution to diet, exercise, lose weight. This is the time of year that so many people fall off the wagon and there’s no reason for that! Too many people put themselves on diets that deny them everything. No one dislikes themself enough to stick with that and if they do, they need help!

A sensible diet lets you enjoy in moderation. I could never stick to a diet without Candy! I’ve read about MUFAs and the antioxidant qualities of chocolate, specifically, rich, indulgent dark chocolate. It could be Candy Bars that SAVE your diet!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to drown yourself in a vat of chocolate, but a Snickers or a Milky Way Candy Bar ? Heck yeah! You know I have to have my occasional Mr. Goodbar! It’s 250 calories, roughly 2 snacks on my weight-loss diet that was quite successful for me before I got sick in 2004 and by golly, it will be again! A fun size snickers is less than 100 calories. Just eat it slow and savor it, the way candy should be enjoyed!

So if you feel your weight-loss plan is doomed because you can’t beat your craving for the things you love, remember moderation is the key. But keep in mind, do you really think you would have even MADE IT to adulthood without candy? Grab a small handful of M&Ms and grab a lighter salad dressing instead!

If you are what you eat, give in a little - be a lightweight!

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