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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nani The Dragon-Slaying Artist

You all know that I have a very healthy inner child. You also know that I have a couple of twin teens that visit us from time to time. So ORIGINALLY I was checking this site out for them. I thought they might enjoy it because they spend so much time fighting over the their Game Boys. Well, I got a little, ahem, into my research.

MEGA Brands Kids Zone just has some really cool stuff! It’s an online games site. Seriously, I’d so much rather the girls were playing games that made them have to think at least a little online than have them drone in front of the TV watching reruns for the twentieth time and pretending it’s cool. So, I had the chance to check out a site with a variety of games and, well, try some of them out myself. How else do you now if you are actually using your brain to play it?

Rina likes dragons, so I decided to try Dragons Crystal Warrior. I was az knight with an ax. My mission was to run around the castle grounds killing other knights and get power bricks to try to get the dragon krystal. Work with me here. I was a cute little knight that kinda moved like a jogging robot. Where I got into trouble, is you don’t get any points for killing the dragoons. I killed two. They were breathing fire at me! I got points from the gold bricks for the two flaming-arrow-shooting other knights I offed, but bupkis for the dragons. Yet in the end, since he wasn’t worth points, I left him alone and it was the dragon who I DIDN’T slay that turned me into charcoal.

There is also a calmer game that lets you color. Oh, it reiterated why I manipulate shapes as a designer instead of freeform drawing in PhotoShop, but it was neat. They also have backgrounds you can color that sorta look like those velvet and mare kits. I had so many of them at my place when the girls were little. They just loved them! As I recall, I had a few of them hanging on my office wall too. Maybe that’s why so many coworkers from the other departments thought I had kids. I did a black velvet butterfly painting. You should give this a try. It’s a good place to practice for the Picaso challenge at SAS!

It was a fun site and yeah, took more strategizing or creative brain power than watching iCarly...AGAIN! So, yeah, I think I’ll bookmark the site...for the girls when they vist...really!


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