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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Art Gallery Cyber-Field Trip!

If you appreciate fine art, and really, of one type or another, everyone does, you really need to check out this site! Paragon Fine Art has some wonderful works by a selection of contemporary artists. From the steamy, sexy works of Tomasz Rut, to the panoramas of Kerry Hallman, to the Dali-ish look of Glen Tarnowski, there is something for every taste.

I find the works of Sergey Smirov to be especially appealing. Smirnov (1953-2006) was a Russian painter, whose pride of his heritage definitely shows in his work. His portraits are greatly influenced by the “parsuna” style, which evolved in Russian art from the late 16th Century to the 18th Century. The paintings show the slightly flattened faces of a style moving into naturalism from the old icon art. When I looked at the gallery of his work the first thing I felt was the richness of tone that I love so much in the Italian Masters from the Renaissance, then just a general appreciation for the facial styles. I have a favorite Smirnov portrait too! Tchaikovsy, who was one of the first composers I really loved, has a portrait that looks like it’s Shakespeare on the wall behind his piano!

Take a moment, or a few, to visit Paragon Fine Art! It’s a nice trip to the gallery, from the comfort of your own home!

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