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Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Friday!

It’s been an interesting week this week. I’ll be starting next week with a big call list for Monday to follow up a bunch of unsolicited resumes I sent out this week, including a follow-up on that interview. Truth is, I hate those calls. Well, I hate looking for work. After all this time of searching, I just want someone to see my resume and say “I can’t believe she’s still available! When can she start?” Yeah, I know, me and thousands of others who’ve been pounding the pavement for over a year.

That’s the part that gets me - over a year. Earning a degree was supposed to keep this from happening. But I read Q&A boards at job sites that at least give my misery company. There are many, way too many, degreed professionals in the same boat, especially in this area. We are that middle that got sliced out of the corporations across the country. Not experienced enough to move up and “overqualified” to move down, it’s relocate, retail or recareer. Well, for me, I kiboshed the relocate last December. I really don’t want to live in a different part of the country than my husband. Heck, I didn’t even want to move too far away from my boyfriend before we got married! My knee won’t let me do retail, or I’d already be there. So now, I’m looking to recareer.

I’ve been giving some serious thought to going back to school for maybe an IT certificate, with the hope that I can get an entry level techie job and finish a bachelor in the evenings. I’ve also given thought to a marketing degree, I’m really not so many classes shy of that since I had an undeclared business minor with my first degree, but there are so many jobs that call themselves marketing jobs out there right now that are just scams, making it really difficult to tell if that’s a promising field or not anymore. So, I’m really leaning towards learning a little more about networks and Windows and moving in that direction. The reeducation is still in the exploratory stage, but boy, even if it’s just a class a semester, “in School” looks better on a resume than “looking for work” with no new references!

That was a “live-on-screen journal” entry. Suitable for the blog because it’s not too personal, named no names, not too negative and doesn’t have any of that blowing off steam language that occasionally surfaces when no one else is around. That’s some of what was lost in the file corruption of the 2008 Chronicles of Nani compilation. To be true, it hadn’t occurred to me that just one class at a time was a good idea when I was trying to crunch the tuition numbers for the degree programs. I could get some techie classes at the junior college for much less to start. I just need to be able to do the tasks and talk the talk as I make the transition into a new field. I’m feeling better all ready!

Sometimes to see all the trees, you need to really analyze the forest!

Now I feel good enough to stand up at the podium and accept some awards!

Edna has got to be one of my biggest angels in cyberspace! She is awarded for her creativity, upbeat view of things, effort and in general fostering good will on her blog and it’s all so well earned! But she also never hesitates to name me as one of her favorites too! That always makes me feel so good and in a personal world that is often met with frustration during the job-search hours, it’s a huge pick-me-up that just makes all the difference in maintaining my optimism!

I have three new awards courtesy of Edna:

This absolutely sweet friends award.

And this, the Nagrada award.

And finally, The Blogger Oscar...Which means I have been recognized as an entertaining drama queen! YAY! LOL

Seriously, Being recognized as creative, entertaining and a general good friend is a great honor. I love the awards for my little coffee shop here in Cyberspace!

I’m going to get on to deciding to whom these will get passed in a couple days, but I wanted to recognize that Edna had bestowed the honor on me!

Saturday Scrapiday!

Tomorrow I’ll get some scrapping time! David has, what I call an adult play-date. He’s meeting a bunch of guys in the Motherland at Chuck’s house. He’s the owner of a very cool model railroad. They do operating sessions, where everyone is assigned different roles, dispatcher, engineer, etc, and run the railroad for a couple hours.

I was there the first time he went. Chuck’s railroad is awesome! It’s definitely not a kids’ railroad at all. He had a very sophisticated signal system, sound effects, a track layout that’s modeled after a real 80’s system and schedules and procedures mimicking the real deal. It’s heaven for everyone who ever did or wanted to work for the railroad or even still does. This is the type of layout David wants to eventually build a house over. Yeah, I can see me someday baking cookies for a house full of model railroad fans and sitting in myself!

Right now, it’s too much stress on my knee, but yesterday, I did the groceries with a lot less pain afterwards than usual. Maybe it really is starting to repair from the exercises I’ve been doing! That would be nice! But for right now, I’ll be having a scrapbook holiday while he’s out. When it’s your husband’s play-date, you don’t even have to pickup of drop off!

Boy Was I Ever Tagged!

Livia tagged me and tagged me good! Oh, this is really a fun one!

The potential to embarrass oneself is definitely there, but I generally do things to me that would be embarrassing and just laugh at myself, so here I go!

The rules:

•Go to your photo folder in your computer
•Go to the 6th folder of photos
•Go to the sixth picture
•Put the picture on your blog and a description of it
•Invite six friends to join the challenge
•Link them in your blog.

Now, I don’t have a photo folder on my hard drive. There is a pictures file, but it just has code information for iPhoto, not actual pictures. Now there are TWO main folders of pictures as well as several smaller folders on my extended HD, so I chose to use the file of unscrapped and saved project pictures. That one has many subfolders!

So, the sixth folder is “Nani 40 DVD” The photos and tiles I used when I did my DVD for my 40th birthday party, and number 6 is this:

That’s the composite of my high school senior picture and the proof that Mom kept on her dresser mirror because she loved my pouty-face. That was actually a little tame for my 80’s hair, but I wore it a lot bigger after I got out of high school.

And now I tag, because I just have to pass this one on...
Edna, Beth, Linda, Veelana, Rhonda and Darlene

So a bit of the “grrr” job world, a bit of feel good, a bit of happy alone-time to look forward to and a bit of plain fun. It’s been a good blog!


Darlene Haughin said...

Hee hee - great 80's hair, Nani! Those types of pics always make me smile. I just replied to your tagging me on my blog, so if you want to see my pic you can go check it out. And yes, of course we have to stay with family in Italy for a little while - they're up close to Milano. I'm really excited about this because my cousin Natalie, who's coming with me, has never been to Italy nor met our fathers' side of the fam. (Our dads were brothers...)
Will fill you in when I get back!

Tirza said...

Nani, I see you tagged me, but guess what? Someone got to me before you did! The pictures is posted on my blog here. But thanks for thinking of me.