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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Shoes On The Other Feet

Okay, everyone knows that I, daughter of the middle class answer to Imelda Marcos, do not particularly like shoes. That was one point where my Mom used to ask me “Who are you and where is the child you were switched with at birth?” But she always admitted that it was just that my Appalachian roots were strong in me in my shoe closet!

I’m a barefoot girl in a fashion footwear world. So, I have to have shoes. But those shoes better be comfortable, quality shoes and I don’t want to pay a lot for them! I happened to surf onto SoftMoc shoes. Doesn’t that just sound comfy?

The first thing I noticed was their great selection of Kids Shoes. Maybe if I’d had really great shoes as a kid, I would have followed in Mom’s footsteps. Sorry about the foot-pun!

In the Women's Shoes they have some really cozy looking boots. Now I just bought the first pair of work boots I’d ever bought a couple weeks ago. David said I really needed better footwear for railfanning in the cold. But the boots at SoftMoc are cozy and warm boots, pretty boots! There are also some nice casual shoes and the prices are all quite reasonable!

I even took a peek at the Men's Shoes. They had some nice shoes that I could see David wearing to work and even some snuggly slippers too. He needs some snuggly slippers at home so he doesn’t go to bed with ice blocks!

SoftMoc just has something for every foot!


Sandi said...

I want to thank you for posting this. I cannot stand to wear shoes! Barefoot is the way to be! My husband calls me Flintstone... but sometimes it just is not appropriate to go somewhere without shoes. I learned that at my friends wedding... ;-)

Nani said...

Oh, I hear ya there, Sandi!

When my brother first got married in 1992, I was in the wedding. My shoes barely made it past the receiving line at the hall and I think I did pretty well making it that long! We did find them under a table before we left but as much as my feet preferred it, the nylons could never be worn again! LOL

The point of the post is that we just need a place for comfortable shoes! I think maybe the time of sensibility has come. At least I WANT to believe! :D

seamhead gypsy said...

Like your "mamacita" who questioned if you were really hers, my daughter made a comment the other day that has me doubting that she's really my little girl. Never mind that she looks like me, has the same birthmark as her brother (and me) and looked like her brother when she was an infant. She asked me what my favorite holiday was. Without hesitation I told her, "opening day!"

She paused a few seconds and stated, "Dad, opening day's not a holiday. You're being silly!"

I can't decide if I should make her watch games 5, 6, & 7 of the 2007 ACLS and games 1 - 4 of the 2007 World Series, or Cla Bucholz's no-hitter from the same year!