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Friday, January 30, 2009

Bring Me Chocolate Bunnies, Bring Me Spring!

“Chocolate Easter bunny
In a jelly bean nest,
I'm saving you for very last
Because I love you best.
I'll only take a nibble
From the tip of your ear
And one bite from the other side
So that you won't look weird...”

excerpt from “Patience”
by Bobby Katz

You can read that whole poem and more at Celebrations.com. They have some great ideas for things to make your Easter celebration even better than just what the bunny brings! There are more poems, party ideas and recipes for baked Easter goodies too!

Nothing like preplanning, huh? I’m working on some Easter scrapbook stuff, so this was a neat site to check out , lots of good craft ideas too!

In addition to it’s religious significance, Easter is a time of getting ready to welcome in spring! Okay, okay, last year Easter was a time of getting snowed back home shortly after taking off for Grandma’s and making a snow bunny the next day,but that was a good Easter memory too! Helping David build his first snow creature, we were child-Picassos for the day!

My favorite Easter memory is more a favorite Easter tradition. Grandma and Papa always came to our place for Easter weekend once they were living up north. The Saturday night before Easter was egg night. that was a Grandma and me thing. When I was in my early 20s, we’d sit at the kitchen table with a bottle of white wine and a dozen boiled eggs and all kinds of decorations. Sometimes, as we got near the bottom of that bottle of wine, the eggs had a “special” look. hehe

Of course some 20 years later neither one of us drinks too much anymore and we’d start feeling too tipsy to decorate eggs by the second glass! Now we go to Grandma’s house and she takes the brood out for Easter dinner the Saturday before, but sometimes we still do eggs, in fact a couple years ago, David helped and we made sports ball eggs. I gotta tell ya, footballs are just naturals for eggs!

If you want some other ideas for egg decorating after you checkout the recipes, celebration.com has 20 Easter egg decorating ideas. I think maybe Grandma and I should do some eggs this year!

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