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Friday, January 2, 2009

The Main Event - My Blue Heaven

“My Blue Heaven” is a classic tune that has been recorded and played by many entertainers from Frank Sinatra and Glenn Miller to Joe the Lounge Lizard at the Holiday Inn. Everyone gives it their personal touch, but the classic tune is still that one so many can hum along to no matter who does it. It’s also my delving into a classic scrapbook look that has been done by many designers, all giving it their own touch, hearts and flowers!

Now, where does “My Blue Heaven” relate to that main event I referred to in my last post? Well, the main event is a classic that many from the famous to the average participate in, each giving it their own touch, but the event is still that same event that everyone has seen before and knows well. The inspiration for “My Blue Heaven” came from the blouse I wore when I got married!

In fact, one of the papers in the kit is a scan of the actual fabric from that blouse! The kit is shades of blue and white with sparklies and...


If you hadn’t heard about it yet, you’re probably still on that paragraph about getting married.

Okay, let’s go back to 2008 and a marriage announcement I did with Darlene Haughin’s “One WInter Night!”

David’s tie is all railroad heralds and I am wearing my gold train necklace!

David and I knew we were going to be married one day and we’d been seriously talking about it for about a year. You know how I mean seriously talking about it. We’d talk about what we’d like the wedding to be like when we were waiting for trains or whenever we had down time when we were together. Now if a guy is open to discussing what he’d want for a wedding often, THAT is serious talk about it!

I had never in my life thought about a wedding or what I’d put in a wedding, but I started feeling all geeky about it when he and I discussed it. But to be real about it, there are several things that I’ve always disliked about thinking of me in a wedding. Aside form not wanting people looking at me all day and saying I was “beautiful” whether or not they really thought so because you never tell a bride that she isn’t radiant enough, thin enough or wearing enough makeup to pull it off and the stomach knotting fear of forgetting to invite someone that would be crushed not to be invited, the number one thing I’ve always had against the thought of having a wedding was money. And here I was, painfully being proven right!

David and I knew that if we waited until we could afford what we wanted in a wedding, something that would say “us” and be a fun event for our family and friends, we’d be just living together forever. Around Thanksgiving, we discussed eloping.

My grandparents were the epitome of romantic love, respect and cherished friendship to me growing up and until we lost Papa in 1994. They eloped in 1944. Papa was serving in the navy during W.W.II and when he was home on leave, they got married. The marriage was what was important to them. I think there is a lot to that. I have seen too many marriages that end too soon in divorce after huge weddings. I always told Grandma that I would never marry unless I found a man I could love as romantically and as truly as she did Papa. Well, I told Grandma some time ago that I’d found that man. So, why not start the same way, right?

Our first choice of dates was December 19, with plans to surprise friends at UNO and The Fabulous Dessert Bar on the 20th. But, there was freezing rain on Friday, (paraphrase Alanis Morissette here - “It’s like freezing rain on your wedding day...”) David gave platelets Monday and Tuesday was the last chance before Christmas. David suggested waiting until the next week, but we would be seeing my whole family Christmas Eve and I really wanted to surprise as many people in person as possible. So, we went out Tuesday morning to get the license and get in early in the afternoon when the judge does weddings.

We became husband and wife at 2:30, December 23, 2008! Surprising people has been the greatest! I’ll talk some tomorrow about the very cool ways we’ve sprung the news on our people, but the last week and a half has been a blast!

“My Blue Heaven” will be available in my store soon as will “Indian Summer.” There will be a new bonus kit for the beginning of 2009 before the weekend is over! And there will be some more wedding day chatter tomorrow!


Sherrie said...

WOW WOW WOW! Congratulations! That is wonderful news!

And you are full of exciting news! I had not yet heard that you are in a store now. :-D Good job!

MemoryKeeper said...

I just read your Wedding story...it is entirely engaging...I loved every minute, smiling with joy, and I don't even know you. How cool is that? Besides you got married on my birthday! You guys totally ROCK!

:¦:.•:*¨CONGRATULATIONS! ¨*:•.:¦: