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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Having a Baby With Glamor and Style

In the world of digi-scrapping, I am in contact with a lot of expecting Moms and Moms of babies! It’s one of the cool perks of the hobby, hearing the excited stories about the baby’s progress through the pregnancy and the wonderful firsts of a newborn!

I remember some 15 years ago when Deanna was expecting Rina and Tori. One of her complaints at that time was how hard it was to find cute Maternity Clothes. Chulamama is a wonderful resource for that! Chula is Spanish for “cool.” Chulamama has a gorgeous bounty of ways for an expectant Mom to be a cool mama! They have stylish and cute dresses, skirts and tops, comfortable jeans and casual wear and downright sexy maternity lingerie. It’s everything a pregnant woman needs to feel comfortable and as beautiful and radiant as she really is!

Chulamama has the stuff to make life just a little nicer after the baby is here too! It’s never too soon to pick out the essentials for the new baby. Chulamama has a wonderful selection of Strollers and you can choose from some great Baby Cribs to have waiting in the new family members room when he, she or they come home! They have a collection of baby clothes and essentials in many name brands as well. I have to admit, I saw a couple of great high chairs! We had a set at Mom and Dad’s house when the girls were little, so I know when there is a baby in the family, some things you just need for when they visit! They have some VERY cool high chairs and baby home gear, that would even blend right in at a bachelor uncle’s or bachelorette aunt’s house too!

So, if you’re expecting or if your family is expecting and you want the very best in maternity wear and the essentials to get ready fort the new arrival, think Chulamama!

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