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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cabin Fever

Today is sunny...the bright shiny sun, twinkling off the mounds and mounds of bone-chilling snow. BLEH! Add that to my car won’t be back from the shop until tomorrow morning and you have a the right environment for Cabin Fever, just right now my cabin is all of Ohio, Michigan and Indiana too, heck anywhere there’s snow, that’s my cabin!

But before my dreamy brain can take a trip, I need to do some shopping! I have a set of soft black leather luggage that I bought many years ago. One of the clips that holds my garment bag together never came back from Vegas when Kelly got married and I have screws sticking out of the overnighter where once there were plastic “feet.” I need new luggage!

Enter into my dreamy getaway Hartmann luggage! Hartmann is a first class line of Luxury Luggage! Don’t think that I’m talking about luggage that’s beyond any of us! I made an investment in the luggage I have some 15 years ago and it has served me well! You need dependable luggage if your belongings are being separated from you and thrown in the belly of a plane or even the underside of a bus or luggage areas on a train. Hartmann luggage offers a sound investment in protecting your property when you travel with a bit of style too!

The first thing I thought I’d need was something in the way of wheeled luggage. One thing I definitely know as a semi-abled person, that is someone with a bad knee that challenges my walking ability, is that wheels is the way to go when traveling! I’ve walked airport concourses with my wheeled commuter bag and my overnight duffle. Believe me, some of the wear and tear on my duffle is from dragging it! Hartmann’s WIngs collection is just gorgeous, not the number one priority when selecting luggage, but a big plus! For weekenders, there’s the 22” travel bag, on wheels, and listed as acceptable carry-on luggage! There is also a satchel tote that matches that collection.

I have a satchel tote with the luggage I have now. That tote carries my purse inside of it, for double protection of what’s inside my purse, but it also carries a magazine or journal, changes of clothes or at least clean undergarments, toiletries and an extra pair of nylons, great for business travel! The tote also fits under an airplane seat. So, for a short trip, the satchel tote and 22” travel bag - on wheels - makes a short trip one free from having to deal with retrieving checked luggage. For a longer trip, there are larger travel bags and 2 different sizes of garment bags, all on wheels for ease of movement.

To finish off the set, Hartmann has some great executive accessories, including a passport cover, and a 6-ring compact agenda, appealing to me because it’s a journal! If I’m not writing on the computer, I’m writing by hand in my journal. The travel journal I have now is getting close to full, so I need to consider options for a new one there too.

I feel a bit of stress relief just browsing the great luggage from Hartmann and talking about a new set for me. Feeling a bit of cabin fever too? As cabin fever sets into spring fever and spring travel, maybe some new luggage is the cure for you too!

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seamhead gypsy said...

While we may not have Hartmann Luggage, the luggage we do have will be put to good use on February 8th.

My wife, along with some colleague's, will be heading down to Guatemala on another medical mission. The mission provides care for kids of all ages, women and some men. The main focus is on children and woman's health issues. The luggage will used to transport medicine and other supplies. In fact, this Saturday evening we are spending $25 to bowl 3 games... Sounds like a pretty steep price for 3 games of bowling, but all the proceeds go to the "Friends of Guatemala" to help defer costs. As for my bowling game.... Since I haven't bowled since 1982 or 83 I've been practicing on the wii ..... :-)