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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where’s My Global Warming?

Lots and lots to talk about tonight! Now would be a good time to try the caramel latte and the black forest scones! Of course, it’s all calorie-free as long as you stay away from the jello! It’s good jello, but it will blimp out your avatar like nothing!

First, let’s talk about the weather! Oh come on, what else do you bring up to break the ice at a coffee shop when it’s not baseball season? The Patriots weren’t even in the playoffs this year, although their season was nothing short of a brilliant comeback after losing Tom Brady in the first game! The Pats rallied behind Matt Cassel, filling Brady’s huge shoes, and made a serious go of it this season. Ya gotta just admire that heart.

And my old home team entered the record books, a perfect season - perfectly lousy! My brother and I smile when we talk football. He is a Colts fan now. Laura brought him the Colts much in the same way that David brought me the Patriots. Detroit natives have to marry into a good team! As for Pop, he puts on his Michigan Wolverines hat and claims, “I like college football better anyway.” Yeah Pop, spit those grapes out if you don’t like ‘em! hehe

Okay, now, The Lions have already made their mark, the Patriots weren’t in the playoffs and the Colts are done. All that’s left is the commercial bets in the Super Bowl! I’m kinda hoping Arizona makes it, just because they aren’t supposed to. I like defiance. And I think Budweiser is probably the only sponsor who will put any serious money into their ads this year. We’ll see. But now the weather!

The forecasted low here is -7. Yes a minus and that’s not a wind chill! Minus ten tomorrow! What happened to global warming? They promised! I just want them to make good on their promise. Minus ten, indeed. Global Warming my bundt cake!

And speaking of cake! Well, first speaking of Patch 365. It’s been 3 weeks now! I’m an old married lady!

Here is my layout for week 3:

This is a quick page done with “Eight Days A Week.” If ya like it, keep reading!

Week 3 includes cat pics, for our married life is very centered around our furbabies, David on the snow blower kindly loaned to us by out next door neighbors. We had a FOOT of snow last weekend! By snow time, David was doing better than me, but we were both still sick. We SO did not need a foot of snow to move off the driveway and my car! The feature photo is from just this Monday, the last day of week three. Pretty icicles on the atrium window meant full coffee cans catching the drips inside! We need insulation implants up top! Also in the photos are a very sweet card from Heather - our very first wedding card, and a fabulous wedding gift from Lisa and Asher. That photo is the subject of page two in the layout for week 3!

“Marital Aids” was also done with “Eight Days A Week!” the tilted comment in between the frames reads,”With a gleam in my eye, I always said that the major reason so many marriages don’t last today is that they lack the essential ‘marital aids’ that wives have had in history: a wooden rolling pin and a cast iron skillet!” I mean, Donna Reed had a wooden rolling pin and a cast iron skillet ya know? Come to think of it, so did Mom. I have a wooden rolling pin and a cast iron corn bread pan...and the train muffin pan!

Here is the text from the layout:

My first attempt at making a cake for David, in 2005, was a bit of a disappointment. I tried to make a three-car train out of mini loaf cakes for his birthday. When he saw the cake, he paused, trying to figure out what it was.

“Is it an orange school bus?”

It was supposed to be a BNSF engine! The ballast car and container cars looked a little more like a train and he chuckled and kissed me. He loved his school bus! The orange BNSF engines became known to us as “school buses.”

I shared my train cake story with Mensa friends and Lisa, a friend with whom I have so much else in common, is a talented foodie who has her finger on the pulse of the things that make a talented kitchen life even better. She sent me a picture of the Nordic Ware train muffin tin as a “for next time” thought.

UPS stopped by the house on January 8, 2 weeks and 2 days after we were married. They delivered a box addressed to us both, the card inside was to David and Nani - “Congratulations from Lisa and Asher.” It was the train muffin pan!

Lisa is all for the “kinder gentler marital aid,” but love is still secured in the kitchen!

My smile was a mile wide when we opened the box! We’re planning to send out our announcements next week and those will include the thank you cards for the cards and gifts we’ve gotten. I have some cake mix left from Christmas, so I may try out the pan in a day or so! You know, just to make sure it works!

I’d read a few inquiries on some of the scrapbook sites message boards about Project 365 Quick Pages. Well, since I made “Eight Days A Week,” with Project 365 in mind and did the template set, which is part of “Eight Days A Week” if you buy the kit, I thought it might be a good kit to do some quick pages with.

You can get the set of four quick pages in my store for $2.75. Add the kit to your cart and "Vintage Valentine," by Darlene Haughin, which is on sale right now for only $3.25 and you’ll the HUGE "Chocolate Love" for free. That’s $11 for over $20 of scrapping supplies and you’ll be set with a weekly layout for your Project 365 for two months the easy way with quick pages and templates! Give it some thought!

On a strictly personal begging note, I don’t get anything but a warm, loved feeling for this one. If you’ve given any thought to maybe stopping by Scrap Bird and maybe casually signing up, even if it’s just to do one challenge, I’d really love it if you’d consider doing “I Wanna Talk About Me!” We’re a new site and there aren’t a ton of members yet, so participation in the challenges is slow, but I’d really love a little company in the cyber challenge room! A crop is a lot more fun with a few other scrappers, ya know?

Lastly, what you were waiting for if you were intrigued by the quick pages! The page I used for week three isn’t in the set in my store. It’s here!

Sorry, this link is expired.

This one is my gift to you! Yes, I hope you’ll stop by the store and check out all the goodies from the talented designers there and oh how I’d love it if you joined and joined me in my challenge, but I also just really want you to enjoy some of the fruits of my labor!

Today’s freebie comes with a bonus word art. Many of you may be doing Project 365 and even getting ready to scrap week 3, but I left the journal area blank on the quick page so you can use it for other types of pages or even just other weeks. But if you do use it for week 3, the word art is there to add as you wish! the forums at Scrap Bird!


Carjazi said...

Has it been that long since I stopped by. Bad Carjazi bad. Congrats too btw!!!

We got our first good dump of snow and the city is coming to a standstill. And it's cold. Hope you and the new hubby find a way to stay warm. *grins*

Thanks for stopping by. Throw a shoe at me if I take too long in between visits.

Sorry bout your Pats. I'm with your dad, college football is better. heehee

Have a good day!!

sdwrdt said...

thanks so much! Love your stuff!

faery-wings said...

Thanks for the template!!!

seamhead gypsy said...

Global warming is a controversial topic and I'm about to type something that most people I know will not like.
Global warming is a fantasy in ALGORE's head! Here is a link to one of my favorite GW web sites: http://icecap.us/index.php

Down I-75 it was -13 this morning when the kids should have been going to school. And that was without the windchill!

I have been getting through the winter coldness by spending several hours each day watching the new MLB network. In order to that I switched from The Dish Network to DirecTV and did so right before the Jan 1 "opening day" of MLBTV.


Last evening after Katie & I returned from dinner (at DQ - it was Pluto's birthday!) in temperatures that was only near 5, I discovered that I no longer had any satellite signal. Several hours and phone calls later another service call has been set up..... FOR MONDAY!
Before it's all over I won't be surprised when I'm told that the snow & ice did something to the connection that the DTV install guy left across the ground through my flower bed on it's way to my house. Plus he mounted the dish on a 5 foot pole next to my house near the top of the drive so that anytime someone walks by, or a SUV/Van is parked in the drive, or the wind blows hard enough to sway blades of grass, the signal gets lost. But by the time the service rep leaves on Monday that thing WILL be mounted up on my house like the DISH satellite was and I'll be once again watching MLBTV and of course Jack Baur on FOX. In the meantime our tv's are plugged in with basic cable and I have my DVD's of the 2007 ALCS and WS I can watch. GO RED SOX!! (i wonder if they'll be able to come back again being down 3 games to 1 against the Indians in the ALCS to make it to the WS?)