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Friday, January 23, 2009

A Happy Nani-Week!

credits: kit - “Your Own Special Way” by Digitalegacies Designs

There are many things making me smile today. First of all, today is my first monthiversary as a married woman! LOL Yes, I‘m 42 years old and counting milestones by months like a teenager. I guess love’s goofiness doesn’t age discriminate. That’s okay. David and I have mutual affections for each other’s goofiness.

We’re thinking of going out for a nice dinner tonight. Oh, that’s not to celebrate a monthiversary. A nice dinner every month could get expensive and it would also lose its specialness. We had originally planned to do a nice dinner together to celebrate being married right after Christmas, but remember that “sickness and health” challenge we had right off the bat? Well, we faced that well and are finally healthy enough to enjoy our “elopement reception!” So, we owe us a nice dinner out, if not tonight, soon!

This has been a great week on several points. Jonathan is home! After an extended stay at the garage, I now have a working 1994 Camaro WITH HEAT! I’m a Detroit girl by birth, so of course I love my car, but when the temperatures weren’t even reaching double digits for highs, I wanted nothing to do with my baby until he had working heat again! Coming home from the shop, I actually was feeling too warm - but I didn’t complain.

Also, I’m typing on a white keyboard with apple keys! Many thanks to Seamhead Gypsy for reminding me about the Mac Mall! The greatest thing is that this keyboard’s first language is Mac. It even talks to my computer in dialect, so response time between hitting the keys and seeing the results is instant! And I have my old windows-style mouse, which is made to work with a Mac too and is just more comfortable!

In the scrapping world, I have a new CT member! Rhonda, known to the scrapping world as scrapin_rho, is a relatively new digital scrapper with a paper scrapping base. If you look at her gallery, it’s not obvious she’s new to digital but it is obvious that she has a good eye for creating great layouts! Her most complete gallery is at Elemental Scraps and her newest gallery is at Scrap Bird where she’s already done the “I Wanna Talk About Me” challenge with a great goals layout!

I reposted my CT Call at DST. I’ve decided to go old-school and just ask for a gallery link rather than a layout with Digitalegacies products. I’ll see plenty of those when I assemble the whole team, right? So, now, this is my Guest CT call with an option to stay!

If you’d like to be a guest CT until the end of February, just send me a link to your most complete gallery and what other CTs you’re on. The spot would be until the end of February and it can become permanent if we both like the idea.

Minimum requirements for a Digitalegacies Designs CT member of guest CT:
1 kit per month, 2 layouts per kit
post in Scrap Bird and three other galleries
Participate in the “I Wanna Talk About Me” challenge at Scrap Bird.

Now, to sweeten the deal just a bit, I’ll show you two Valentine-themed kits that aren’t released yet!

“Your Own Special Way,” inspired by the Genesis song that’s in the current iPod mix, is a romantic kit with deep candlelit colors, hearts, roses and even a glowing candle! It has 12 papers and 28 elements and will sell for $5.00

“Because Of You” was inspired by the dance song by Ne-Yo, also in the iPod mix. It’s a more whimsical Valentine kit, suitable for teens and anyone crushing from that lovebug’s bite. It has 10 papers and 16 elements plus 12 conversation hearts with a few updated sayings to go with Love as “the sweetest drug.” It will sell for $4.00 in the store.

These kits won’t be released until February 1, but Digitalegacies Designs CT members will get to try them out when they join and for free! Free kits and pre-releases are part of the spoils for CT members for the promotional work they do!

I’m still looking for a few talented scrappers to join the team! If you’ve never been on a CT before, please apply! I’ve never had a CT before, so we just might be a good match! For now, I’d like to have three long-term CT members with a couple guests each month. If you're interested, contact me at chroniclesofnani@gmail.com

There is one more thing I wanted to mention that makes me smile this week. Remember when I started doing the sponsored posts, I said my goal with the sponsored posts, and now add my designing income to that, was to be able to buy a cup of coffee when David and I are out railfanning without having to ask for it. Well, last month I was able to buy my own coffee. I could even buy David a cup! Oh, it’s not Starbucks, but Speedway pumpkin spice, hey, good stuff! Next goal is make enough to pay a bill! But seriously, that little bit of self-sufficiency until I land a real job means a lot to my self esteem! Thank you all so much for supporting my sponsors or at least tolerating me supporting them!

Okay, well, tons of stuff to do today, so have a great Friday and if you’re a scrapper, please consider my call!

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