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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Project 365 and a Free Template!

Well, as the realities of married life and the congestion in my chest settle in... Yeah, as I’ve been saying to David, we’re being tested on the “sickness and health” part of the standard vows right away! He was having a danger-sign tickle in his throat after work the day before BORT Rail, marriage day 4 if you’re counting. It’s less than that actually, since we were married in the afternoon. So his throat got worse and he ended up home from work a couple of days when the cold got really nasty with the aches and all. The I started feeling it New Years Eve! I was taking Benadryl in hopes of staving it off by a couple hours before 2009 and ended up awake and in nasty pain from fever aches at about 4 AM. David was trying to help me and said I was just radiating heat.

Now we are both trying to just get over the last of it. I was doing well yesterday, but last night I was scrapping and I felt progressively worse...again. I managed to stay up until David got home from work, medicated and went to bed, but then I was bad this morning and slept until 10, which is insanely late for me! I’m doing a little better now, but Benadryl is still my best friend and I’m hot cocoa and soup dependent!

I did finish the layout I had almost finished last night this morning. (It was really only missing the papers in the background!) This is my first week of pictures in my project 365! These are the photo a day from our first married week!

Credits - Template - Project 365 Template 1, freebie
from Digitalegacies Designs at Scrap Bird,
Papers and ornament from “It’s Christmas All Over The World,”
Heart from “My Blue Heaven,” both by Digitalegacies Designs at Scrap Bird
railroad sign from “Train, Train” Digitalegacies Designs blog freebie

Okay, obviously, I didn’t take every one of them, but they were all taken with my camera. They were still my ideas for photos, I mean, I said “can you take a picture of us?” LOL

The layout was done using all DIgitalegacies products. They are all in the store, except “Train, Train” which you can download here for free. HINT - just click the “Freebies” link on the bulletin board up top for all the entries labeled “freebies!”

My first week layout is also done on a Digitalegacies template!

Sorry, this link is expired.

Also new in the store this week are more brag book pages with “My Blue Heaven!”

This set of four, leans a lot more to the wedding theme of the kit, but they’d also be great pages for a engagement or anniversary brag book! The set is only $1 at Scrap Bird and it makes it a neat half dozen with the two freebie pages available here! When you stop to purchase the rest of the brag book pages, be sure to pick up the Digitalegacies store freebies while you‘re there.

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Jody said...

Thank you for sharing your template. It sure helps me out as I am not too creative. I am bound and determined to complete this project 365