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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Safety Starts at the Ground Level!

I was on the phone with my Dad yesterday, he was taking a break and gave me a call from work. He mentioned that it was even getting cold inside the house he working on! Now, I come form a “Construction Princess” world. When I was a kid, I waited up until dark to day goodnight to Daddy before I went to bed in the summer when it got dark late. As I got older, I began to really appreciate not just the late summer hours but the outside work he did, even in the bitter cold in the winter! Winter meals usually started with a big bowl of hot soup so he could warm up!

This week in the north and eastern parts of the country is supposed to be that bitter cold winter weather. In Toledo, Friday’s high won’t even go into double digits! That makes me think about how much I hate the cold and how quick my feet get painfully cold, always have, that’s just me. If I go outside in the winter, I need warm boots, but what about the people who work outside?

If you work outside, or if you have a loved one who does, it’s not just warmth! Boots need to protect too! Work Boots USA is a great site to check out boots that keep feet dry, warm and protected. In fact, they have steel and plain toe boots and regular work shoes for men and women.

Sheri has an indoor job, but it’s a factory job that requires safety shoes. Imagine a heavy part falls on your foot. It’s not a laughing matter! It can put you out of work for days or weeks and in this economy, that could be devastating! A good, comfortable, steel toe work shoe is such a sound investment!

Scotty worked for many years outside in construction. In that line of work, you need work boots that are warm, keep feet dry and are rugged. Also, as a type 1 diabetic, boots that protect have always been important. I didn’t realize until I’d attended some diabetes classes with my Mom years ago, how careful a diabetic must be about their feet due to decreased sensitivity! A good pair of work boots can mean ensuring your ability to work is there for years!

Work Boots USA is sure to have the boot you need for work whether you’re looking for a rugged construction boot, a comfortable assembly line shoe or a stylish safety shoe for a supervisor walking the factory floor, check out the great selection at Work Boots USA!

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