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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Teddy Bears Looking For Work in the UK!

Okay, okay, maybe not that bad. No one is going to replace the intangible feeling of security from hugging a Teddy Bear (even for us grownups!), but there is a company in the UK that is making Teddy’s job a little easier by supplying the comfort and style of a great bed!

Time 4 Sleep is a UK based company with just a huge selection of beds from the classic metalwork of the Windsor to the elegant dark leather of the Tuscany and so many in between! They have wood, metal, leather and faux leather, upholstered in avant and antique styles. They even have whimsical children’s beds! (Imagine your princess sleeping in a horse and carriage or your little man calling it a night in a bulldozer bed!

Does what a bed looks like make a difference in how well you sleep? Perhaps not in the long run. Once the lights are out, it’s all about the comfort of the mattress, but when you walk into your bedroom, does your bed look inviting? We sleep on a bed without a headboard. As much as it may not seem to matter, we’ve been talking about a nice antique-styled frame. Something that says classic, elegant, cozy! When we switched from the old futon frame to a real bed frame it made an incredible difference! Add that touch of class with the posts on the bed and WOW!

Time 4 Sleep has standard mattresses with various pillow tops for super comfort and Memory Foam mattresses that support the whole body while they cuddle you to sleep! There are also other bed accessories at the site.

UK Teddy Bears may not be unemployed, but their workload sure is a lot easier thanks to Time 4 Sleep!

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