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Friday, March 14, 2008

Any Requests?

Friday By Request has been a feature on The Chronicles of Nani since August, 2006. It stared with a request that David had forgotten he’d made and took off from there. It sorta goes in spurts. I think readers of the blog become inspired by the challenges others give me and come up with a challenge of their own for me. Whatever the reason is, it’s been a while since I’ve done one and I miss it! I love,love,love doing requests. I love a good challenge and the challenges I’ve received have resulted in some fun, creative and thoughtful posts!

Friday By Request, is just that - I blog requests on Friday! I take the first request sent to me after the current Friday’s blog is posted. It can be a request for anything that can be done in a blog and is suitable to keep my “all ages” rating. So far, I’ve done poetry, photography, top ten lists, stories, serious soul searching and tackling philosophical questions. I’ve added a video clip to a request, but I can do a video clip by request too! I cannot accept a request for a scrapbook kit for Friday By Request. That takes more time than a couple of days! I will do a page layout by request, though!

Challenges, be they writing serious or funny, bad poetry, graphics, or video, anything I can put in a blog, are great for really getting my creative brain working. That part of my brain likes the exercise! This gives you a chance to have some fun giving me a challenge and me the opportunity to entertain, or at least to accept that challenge. I hope everyone would be willing to take me up on this once in a while. If you’ve already made a suggestion of Friday By Request, please feel free to do so again!

There is also the offer of a link back to your blog or website for suggesting. I’ll link to your personal nonprofit blog or website when I credit you for making the request. If I don’t have a request for Friday by Wednesday, I won’t post a Friday By Request for that week. I take the first request, but if there is more than one and I don’t get a new one the next week, I’ll do saved “leftover requests.”

See the links below for the full archive of Friday By Requests to see what people have requested and maybe give you an idea of a challenge you’d like to submit. If you have an idea for me, send me an email at chroniclesofnani@gmail.com with the subject “Friday By Request.” Be sure to put your ID, a name or user name, with your request. Also include the URL you’d like used for the link-back if you’d like it included.

The response to Friday By Request has always been good, so I guess the Chronicles readers enjoy reading or
seeing the challenges as much as I enjoy doing them. Of course everyone is free to take on the challenges themselves in their blogs too. Drop me a note in comments if you do, so I can see yours! I hope everyone will want to play along and that you all enjoy the outcome each week!

Friday By Request Index

11/28/08 I'm Thankful for Seamhead Gypsy
10/24/08 Do It For The REAL Fans
for Seamhead Gypsy
9/19/08 "Gimme an S, Gimme a C, Gimme an R-A-P!" for Lora
8/29/08 Ohio Cities From A-Z and Michigan Cities From A-Z for Sheri
8/15/08 Frankencats for David
8/1/08 What Happened To The Age of Aquarius? for Seamhead Gypsy
7/25/08 Quilt For A Waterbed for Dinphy
7/18/08 The Good, The Bad and The Sister for Rina
6/14/08 A Tale of Four Kitties (Tails In Two Cities) for holden05
Avoiding Gasoline Rape for Seamhead Gypsy
5/23/08 My Most Memorable Childhood Moment(s) for Sheri
5/2/08 Cat Blinkie for David
4/11//08 The Finest Opening Day for Seamhead Gypsy
3/28/08 Blog Workshop for SRC
3/21/08 Meeting Bits-N-Pieces for Kelly
8/3/07 The Game of Putt-N-Squirt for Karen
7/27/07 Train Photoblog for Chalicat
7/20/07 - Regrets? I Have A Few, Maybe for Latina
6/29/07 Whatever It Takes (I'll Catch The Latest Degrassi) for Ronalyn
6/22/07 Starbucks Poetry for David
6/8/07 Before SHE Cheats for The Guys
5/25/07 Flippin' Friday By Request - Before He Cheats from Nani
“I’m 14 with Photoshop and a copy of Playboy!”
for David
5/11/07 Discrimination in 2007 for Kathleen
4/27/07 Hiding From The Heat - Girls VS Boys for Chalicat
4/13/07 My Take On Commercial Easter for Techynana
Adventures in Peevedom for Latina
3/23/07 My Moments for Summer
3/16/07 My Fantasy Indulgence for Cathy
3/9/07 If I Had A Million Dollars for NikkiC
3/3/07 Klinger's Toledo for Cathy
2/23/07 How I Found My Love for Linda
2/9/07 Welcome To Kanawha for Sharon
2/2/07 Maybe I'd Save a Life? for Nikki
1/26/07 The Top 10 Places I want to Travel for David
1/19/07 What Would You Write? for Mary
1/12/07 What I'd Do For The World for Connie
1/5/07 Nani's Goals for 2007 for Summer
12/8/06 "It's A Bad, Bad Dream" for Scott
12/1/06 The Top 10 Things To Do On Cold Snow Days for David
11/24/06 My Turn To Prepare The Feast for Sheri
11/10/06 Elliptical Machine for Summer
10/20/06 Kaline's Wish for Marie and Brendan
10/6/6 My 10 Biggest and Grandest Simple Pleasures for Leah
9/29/06 Top 10 Thoughts For A Yom Kippur Birthday for Cathy
9/22/06 A Super Poem for Renee
9/15/06 A Story With A Musical Twist for Sheri
9/8/06 Happy 18th Birthday, Heather for Nancy
8/25/6 The Top 10 Things That Make Me Laugh for Rich
8/18/06 The Top 10 Things That Annoy Me for Sheri
8/11/06 Photograph of a Storm for Summer
8/4/06 A Poem About Groceries for David

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Kelly said...

Ok, you asked for it, =) What was your impression of me when we first met as bits and pieces when I came hobbling into Dunkin Donuts with Lisa.? I love you!