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Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Little Night News

Boy has this been a roller coaster of a day! I had an interview with a placement agency this afternoon. They had an opening they wanted to consider me for. The position sounds okay, but it doesn't require a degree at all and it pays by the hour - a dollar less than the last job which was a dollar less than the one before. At this rate, how long until I’m back at minimum wage?

I can’t let it get me down. This area has been hit hard by the mess the economy is in for a long time. We’re in a depression here, I mean the unemployment figures for this region are actually as bad or worse than the 1930s! If I have the opportunity to take this job, I will. I have a degree that when things pick up, WILL matter. Being already employed and with a degree is the way to grab a tail when the corporate kites start to fly. It’s still distressing. I just want to get back to where I was. I’d prefer not to take two leaps backwards in hopes of getting ahead someday. But, like I said, it’s something. It’s hope. Hope is a seed that can grow prosperity if it’s nurtured correctly. But there is no possible prosperity without a seed, no matter how small the seed is!

There was one very bright spot. One that actually made my bruised ego feel good. Being a newbie in town, I had no idea. That place that fired me? They have a bad reputation with the employment agencies in town. I was told nobody lasts long there, it’s not a good company. I don’t feel so much like I failed anything in that situation. My efforts to do well there were like trying to stop a runaway train with a gasoline truck. Better to move on and let the train do its own thing!

But I said it was a roller coaster day. The interview and promise of pay, but not good pay, was the approach to the top of the hill and then a stall on the top. After I got back and had lunch, I checked my email. Then the car commenced with the thrill!

I was accepted to anther scrapbooking creative team about a week ago, but I had to wait to announce it until it was officially unveiled on the designer’s blog. Today was the day! If you visited before now, you might have noticed the new blinkie in my CT section. I am now creating for Darlene Haughin Designs as well as RC Mama Designs!

I wanted to catch up with the layouts I was doing for Sherrie and establish my reputation and my work as a CT member before I took on another designer. About the time I knew I could add new CT responsibilities to my evening hobby, I checked to see if any of my favorite designers had CT calls open. Creative team positions are not entirely abundant and the competition is keen. Darlene has been one of my favorite designers almost as long as I’ve been digital scrapbooking. When I saw a CT call for her, I had to give it a shot. I got the email back from Darlene with the guidelines for her CT and was offered the position if I was interested. YAY!!!

Darlene’s work is wonderful! She sells her kits at digital-scrapbooking.org and stoneaccentsstudio.com. She also offers freebies on her blog every Wednesday. I can’t say enough in a blog to tell you what great quality her stuff is. You should really check it out!!

For now, I’ll show off a couple of the layouts I’ve done with her kits in the last week and also a couple of my most recent layouts using RC Mama kits, to give a sample of my creative team efforts.

Party Like I’m 40!
This was done for a challenge at Stone Accents Studio. It’s also a page done ahead in my catching up project. I did this one using Darlene’s Haughn’s latest kit, Shelle-Belle. I just adore the colors in this kit!

La Famiglia
This is my brother, oldest cousin and me with our paternal grandparents in 1972. This one is actually is a quick-page. I don’t usually use quick pages, but since I’m the one who created the quick-page, I guess it’s not so much using a quick page, huh? This is using RC Mama’s Flower Girl kit which you can get at her blog. If you really like the quick page and want to snag on for yourself, you can find that at RC Mama Designs’ blog too!

ToriPhone 1.0
This was a fun page to create! It features a picture of Tori when she was 9, before she was a phonaholic! It's done with Darlene Haughin’s Techie kit. This is a truly inspiring kit to work with! The purse in the layout is created completely from items in the kit. There is no photo of a real purse like this, it’s a Nani-made simulation!

Love Is a Verb
This was for a challenge last month for Valentines Day. Most of my regulars here know that I like to get a little mushy about David now and then! This was done on template JHC 100 with RC Mama Designs’ Unblemished Love.

Thanks for looking! Come back later on Thursday for a little something from Digitalegacies!

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