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Monday, March 3, 2008

Morning Musings (2/22/08)

This is a bit Nanicentric, I know, but aren’t we all a little me-centric?

As I was combination preparing breakfast and taking grocery store notes this morning, I got to thinking about area grocery stores and how there is not just one where I can do all my shopping. This isn’t a market-size issue because I never had that luxury in Metro-Detroit either. I’m not talking about preferring fresh fruits and vegetables from a produce market or farmer’s market in season or meat from a butcher. I’m talking about not being able to buy canned soup, yogurt, coffee sweetener and frozen dinners in the same store.

Start off the day with coffee. Mmm.... This morning was the first pot of the Verona David gave me for Valentine’s Day. Interesting note on the Verona - you can buy a pound of Starbucks Verona at Starbucks... Kroger, Giant Eagle, CVS and Rite Aid! The Cinnamon Spice Splenda I prefer for a sweetener however, for that I need to go to Giant Eagle! The closest Giant Eagle to us is a few miles south. I mean, it’s a 20-minute trip to a grocery store for that one item. Kroger, of which there are several in a couple miles’ radius of our home, carries the Splenda Coffee Flavors in hazel nut, mocha and french vanilla, not cinnamon spice! I saw on the Splenda website, that the coffee flavor sticks also come in caramel, which I’d love to try but haven’t seen anywhere!

Now, I could just wait until I have a full list and do my shopping at Giant Eagle. They are the only store in this area that carries the peanut chicken Lean Cuisine, my favorite of that line, but I haven’t been able to find Creamy Latte Yoplait Whips yogurt there. That I get from the Kroger that’s the second closest to us. The closest one doesn’t carry that flavor. Of course, neither one of the Krogers carry Vegetable Medley Soup At Hand. That’s at Meijer!

So here is my request to the Toledo area grocers - Carry Nani-Food! When I grab a cart, I want to put Cinnamon Spice Splenda, Blended Vegetable Medley Campbell’s Soup at Hand , Harvest Tomato with Basil or Italian Tomato with Basil and Garlic Campbell’s select soup, Creamy Latte Yoplait Whips yogurt and Chicken in Peanut Sauce Lean Cuisine in that one cart. While you’re catering to me, make sure you have Masterpiece Barbecue Ruffles for David, Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms, Baci if you’re going to carry David’s Ferrero Rochers, and your should carry the Rochers, and make sure the Bananas or not green but don’t have any brown spots yet either.

:) Find me that store, and they get ALL my grocery money!

So, leave me comments! What specific items would the grocery store who wants all of your food budget carry?

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