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Monday, March 3, 2008

Mugblog Tuesday (2/12/08)

“Coffee?? I thought the picture on the mug meant there’d be a BIRD in it!”

Yeah, “mugblog” is all about Nani was too busy yesterday to post the Monday Mug Shot! So this combines the photoblog and mug shot for a Tuesday posting! Thank you, Baggle!!

The NBC Sports mug was the regular coffee mug at work when I was the Sports Director at Omnicom Cable in Michigan. As a cable sports producer, the bulk of the programming we did was high school sports for our three area schools. The NBC Sports mug was part a giggle, part a delusion of grandeur and part inspiration. When the student athletes were in the studio for some other school business or for public access programming, they’d ask about the mug. I’d tell them that it’s always important to do your best in whatever you’re doing, but always have another goal to work for too. They generally thought that was “cool.”

Of course in the office I claimed that our production truck had the very same colors, just in stripes, not peacock feathers. I was going to grow into an NBC job! I cited that when I had a Chevrolet Monza, I claimed it looked like a “baby Camaro” and would one day grow into a Camaro. I was driving a Camaro by then, so it added support for my NBC claim!

Well, as I’m sure you know, I’m NOT working for NBC Sports, but I did fly out to Topeka Kansas to interview for a creative services job for the NBC affiliate there, airport sign with The Peacock and my name on it and everything! Now, that mug still brings back wonderful memories about a job I really loved, great people I enjoyed working with and the kids, who are adults and out of college by now, that I had some small part in giving a base from which to grow and succeed.

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