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Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday By Request

“Bits-N-Pieces” originally posted at Digital Freebies 11/17/07
Credits: You Are So Beautiful by Verena Karolyi, Fonts - Jokerman, Courtney’s Journal

I first met my best friend at Dunkin’ Donuts. Wow, the truth is I can say that for all four of my chosen siblings! But this week’s request is from Kelly, my best friend, my sister and my platonic soul mate, who more often than not in our relationship has lived TOO far away! Still, that distance is a testament to our love for each other. No matter the distance, we keep in touch and make every minute we can be together the best minute it can be.

The Journaling in the scrapbook page above fits with today’s request. The picture is from many years later than the story in the journaling, from our “Kelma and Nanise” trip in 2005. But today’s request goes way back. The request is from Kelly asking me to bare a little part of my soul, expose some of my memories. Kelly asked “What was your impression oof me when we first met as bits and pieces when I came hobbling into Dunkin Donuts with Lisa?”

Meeting Bits-N-Pieces

Scotty’s girlfriend, Lisa, said she was bringing a friend of hers to meet “the Zoo,” the name for our group that my Mom had given us when I was still in high school She warned us that her friend had been in a motorcycle accident and was on the mend, but she’d been pretty broken up, don’t be shocked.

Okay, so no plans for a group mini golf outing. No problem.

What I remember as a first impression, was that Lisa had an art for understatement! Kelly was practically in a body cast! Hobbling in with crutches with a bald spot and missing teeth. Still, she was amazing. I don’t think I would have had the strength to leave the house with that body armor or the courage it took to meet strangers, but there she was, meeting us, saying hello with a brave, warm smile.

I knew I liked her right away. She was the embodiment of the strong I didn’t think I could be, the courage I didn’t think I had. I admired her.

We often, when clowning around, picked one member of the group to be the punching bag, as it were. One person, and everyone took his or her turn, got to be the end of the evening’s humor. That night it was Jeff S. Kelly was taken back at our teasing him only a moment before she realized it wasn’t serious and Jeff was laughing along. She laughed with us and as I recall, even added few barbs herself. We were all that comfortable together, that quick.

When she and Lisa left, and after Scott has gone too, we all agreed that Kelly was probably a better fit with the Zoo than Lisa was. Years and years later, Lisa is long gone and Kelly is still a part of our family.

Kelly, I’m not sure what you were expecting from your request. Yes, when we all first met you, we were amazed that you could even manage to move. But that only made us admire you. Through the years, you’ve helped me realize that I am stronger and braver than I thought I was then. You started out as a role model for a group of people who instantly realized the little things we complained about were nothing. I think you made us all stronger, leading by example.

At that time, you may have felt like a light half burned out, but the truth is, you were a shining sun that warmed everyone you touched.

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Darlene Haughin said...

Wow, that's quite a story! Lovely layout you made to honor your friend. :) Happy Easter!