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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter from Ohio!

Frosty Cottontail

The very first line in the “about me” section on this page is, “I’m an optimist.” When the world provides lemons, it’s my job to make the lemonade! I’m lucky, I am partnered in life with a man who is not a bad lemonade chef himself!

Frosty Cottontail sits on our front lawn greeting motorists as they pass. There were a lot of cars that drove by slowly, driver and passengers smiling and kids excitedly pointing. Making people smile on this snowy Easter weekend - that’s our public service! The good news is that it was only warm enough yesterday to solid him up and plant his eyes in better, not melt him! I checked out the window this morning. He’s still standing tall, waiting to entertain people in the parking lot across the street when the early church service lets out.

Frosty was David’s brainchild. He had told me on Friday that he said at work, “If I wasn’t gong to be out of town, I’d build an Easter Snow-Bunny.” Well, we ended up not going out of town so... In all of David’s years on this planet, he had never built any character out of snow! Never! This was his first creation as an artist using the snow medium. I helped build the base, but the artist was all David!

There’s something about a snow creature that reverses the aging process. We spent some time with the cats, watching out the window, admiring Frosty, enjoying the attention he was paid from the passing cars. Last night, David suggested, with a playful gleam in his eye, “Maybe I should go out and spray some water on him so he’ll freeze up for the morning.” My honey, Leonardo SnowVinci!

Remember yesterday when I said we’d do some groceries and I’d scrapbook? David stepped out after shoveling and picked up the essentials so we could have brunch at noon, after we built Frosty. Then we took advantage of some sun breaking through to chase a couple trains. After dinner, I got to scrapbook.

Papers and elements from the DSO Easter Egg Hunt’s contributions from Darlene Haughin, Melanie Ann Designs, Fishinmom Designs, NikkiFabulous Designs and Kimb’s Designs
Fonts - AKA Frivolity, Georgia, Geneva, ABC Kids

They are having an Egg-Hunt at DSO! Since we ended up at home, I got to play Friday night. It took until after midnight, and I was tired, but I found all 33 of the eggs hidden at the site in the forms and store! Clicking on each egg brings you to a download page. Each download contains a scrapbooking element or a few. After collecting the eggs, the rest of the challenge is to create a layout with your basket of goodies with a quick page set for a final posting bonus. There were some really sweet elements and papers in that basket! Since I wouldn’t have gotten to play without the storm, and David wouldn’t have been able to build Frosty Cottontail without the storm, it seemed only natural to make Frosty the theme of my challenge layout!

The Ester Egg Hunt is going on at DSO through tomorrow with the layout challenge all week. If you digi-scrap and haven’t played yet, go! If you digi-scrap and aren’t a member of this great site, with talented designers and fun challenges, join! If you’re just curious about digi-scrapping, what a great way to try it out, with a basket of 33 freebies!!

Okay, it’s Easter Sunday...I need chocolate! Happy Easter, everyone!


Anonymous said...

While mother nature didn't leave any snow in my part of Ohio, Frosty Cottontail's cousin stopped by last night and left a basket of goodies!

But that's not the best part. The best part is that in just about 44 1/2 hours I'll be eating my opening day breakfast of kosher hot dogs

Washing them down with coffee of course!

rdanielharteis said...

Hey Lady! Looks like you got a white holiday, Hoppy Easter!

Just for giggles- you and David could go Ice skating at the rink (well they used to have one, anyway) over at the park by Toledo Hospital. or go sledding at Fort Meigs!
I'm liking the snow bunny...
As always, your posts make me slightly reminiscent about my home town!!
What line of work are you usually in? My occupation is rehabilitation counselor (not the drug kind - I help people find new vocations or employment, usually after some kind of life changing accident or event. )
Just wondered what you were looking for - so in case I get a good network connection _ I could pass it along to you!

Enjoy your snowy day!!



Tina said...

What a great way to brighten a cold spring weekend!!! Love the Blog girl! Very cute!

Anonymous said...

I like the snow-bunny, but I'm glad that we didn't get any of that here in WV, geez I'm tired of that white stuff.

DigiLover said...

TOOT TOOT!!! DSO train passing by....

what a cute snow bunny!!! he wouldn't last long over in my neck of the woods as it's hot hot hot here - lol!!! mind you winter will be here soon enough - not looking forward to it I can tell you.

The Frenzied Feline said...

Thanks for your comment on my page, Nani. It's always nice to know someone appreciates your efforts.

I love Frosty Cottontail; very cute.

Hey if you feel like it do you think you could add me to your link list? Thanks!