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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring 3rd - Not So Springy!

View of the road for our Easter weekend drive!

Well, I certainly didn’t picture myself blogging today! I am supposed to be Up North in Michigan. I am supposed to be getting Grandma’s computer back up and online. I am supposed to be having a nice second cup of coffee munching on leftover HEAVENLY bacon from Alwards, in Hale. I am supposed to be taking a couple days off the diet, blissfully enjoying chocolate and contemplating dessert after a scrumptious meal at the waterfront restaurant in Tawas. I am supposed to be looking at old family pictures and taking notes as Grandma and I reminisce while David labels slides and watches basketball. I am supposed to be looking forward to beating everyone's butt in Yahtzee tonight!

Ah, but I am home, in Toledo with the sun trying to cast a few beams to create sparklies on the heavy blanket of white snow...on the third day of spring...on Easter weakened. (insert appropriate grumbling noises here)

The plan was to leave early enough to get north of the areas expected to be the worst before the snow got heavy. It wasn’t even snowing in Toledo when we left. I had both bags packed and ready to go as soon as avid got home. We got gas and although we were both hungry, made the conscious decision to wait until we got to Bridgeport, home of Freeway Fritz, for dinner. We made that plan to get to Grandma’s without running into bad traffic and snow. We read the weather reports. We kept an eye on the radar and satellites. I called Scotty just before we left to get the current weather north of us. We planned our course, prepared to battle a little bit of snow to get through the storm and be done with it. We had planned it well enough and were so sure that we took the Camaro!

But, ya know, God has a sense of humor. Sometimes I think he keeps me in this word so he can glance down and chuckle. Nobody appreciates the calling to be God’s court jester!

I think we all feel that way sometimes. It’s as if all the world’s a stage and we are all just slapstick comedians! And Murphy is the divine script writer.

We got as far as Ann Arbor before the heavy snow, slow traffic and cars in ditches all over made us turn around and go home. So, since to even try it again today we had to shovel out the driveway to get the car out, Grandma postponed Easter. Not the whole holiday, the significant part will, of course go on, but the Easter Bunny isn’t even coming to our family until we all get together (Grandma has clout!) David and I are so booked between standing obligations and his occasional weekend work schedule. So we’re hoping all works with Dad and Aunt Judy for Orthodox Palm Sunday. They were snow-stormed in too, but Dad had already called in as not attending this year because he has an awful flu. So, all in all, maybe this is better for us ALL getting together anyway.

So, for now, David and I have grocery store plans, I know exciting, but we really didn't think we needed to do our shopping right away since we were going to be north for the weekend, so we need to restock. Then probably some scrapbooking time this afternoon. So, a quiet afternoon for us after all. Somebody eat a set of chocolate bunny ears for me???

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Anonymous said...

Ahh..... but not to worry. Opening day is just over 64 hours away!