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Monday, March 3, 2008

Flockin' Snow! (2/26/08)

View out front from the office window

I’m not usually star-struck about snow. Actually, I’m usually grumbly about it. But this morning, we awoke to an absolute masterpiece of God’s art!

We’d gotten about 5 inches over night. It was 30 degrees at 8 o’clock, needless to say not bitterly cold at all. The warmer air made the snow stick to everything, the trees, the wires, the world was a fine flocked masterpiece of glistening white!

It was so bright that when I took pictures out the window, I didn’t have to worry about the flash reflecting off them. There was enough light coming in that the auto-flash didn’t activate. It was just breathtaking!

The back yard
Detail of the backyard trees. It's amazing how it seems to levitate between the twigs!

The kids were fascinated by so much of the white-stuff outside too!

Kaline went out on the upstairs porch when her Daddy opened the door to take pictures. She stayed there until she was shivering before she went back inside.

Baggle preferred to park himself on my Grammy’s quilt in front of the picture window downstairs.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful if you can stay in out of the stuff.