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Monday, March 3, 2008

Doldrama (2/29/08)

Okay, remember how I told you all that I’m normally NOT a snow fan? Well, the novelty of the pretty flocked snow is gone! Actually it was gone by Tuesday night. Of course, today is another snow day. PBTZZ!

Silly snow. Where was it for Christmas? Wouldn’t that flocked snow at not subhuman temperatures have been pretty for Christmas? Instead we are treated to it to welcome in spring! PBTZZ!!!

I read a job seeker support email from one of the job boards to which I subscribe. It was a newsletter about not letting yourself get depressed or discouraged in the job hunt world. Oh, I agree with the thought completely! Potential employers can get a sign of that negativity in your voice on the phone, in person at an interview, even in the tone of your letters of interest in a position. The market is tight and there are plenty of people that are seeking, some desperately, for a job, any job. It was a pretty good cheerleader type email, one I was happy to read because I like that reinforcement now and then. Its hard to remain an optimist in the face of adversity, competition and rejection!

But the replies to that article from job seekers just killed the wind in my sails! I know it’s hard to be looking for work. I am looking for work. My knowledge is first hand! I cherish my lunch breaks and evenings because they give me a chance to do something productive or creative. It gives me the opportunity to reinforce my self worth, to show myself that I have plenty to offer. But the replies to that article were just awful! People who’d been out of work for 3 weeks crying abut how tough it is while people who’ve been out of work for over a year are blaming employers’ prejudices about gender or age for their plight. It was a giant pity-party in response to an article that says self-pity is self-destruction. I quit reading the responses after about 6 of them. I was feeling depressed reading them. I want to be a source of cheer and support for everyone I know, everyone I meet, but not at the expense of my own optimistic center!

Sometimes it does feel good to get things off my chest. I usually do that in my personal journal, but this one effects so many that I thought I ought to speak up. The job market is awful, I mean really awful. But it’s the job market and job availability that’s awful NOT the people existing in it without a job. If you are in that job hunting population with me, know that you are strong just to be surviving. And it’s hard, but you are stronger than what you’re facing now. Remember that and present that strength of character and purpose in every interview you go to, every call you make or take and every letter you write. You’re not alone. Let that be your support. Let that support be your strength!

With a little lift at the end there, on to a few smiles with a few scrapbook layouts that reflect spring, silliness and peace. That’s what I want to share on this snowy and jobless Leap Day - HOPE!

These are all selections from my online gallery at Digital Freebies.


Is It Spring Yet?
Credits: Vintage Winter by Daniele Engbretson

Girls’ Night
Credits: Commotion On The Ocean by Danielle Engebretson, “Ian” appears courtesy of Sheri’s “Girls Night Out” CD


The Warm Cinnamon Swirl of a Calmed Mind
Credits: Kit - Brownie Mud Pie by Angela Sharrow, chipboard frame - Amazing by Jodie Patterson

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