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Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Mug Shot

Kentucky Derby Museum Louisville, Kentucky

I visited Louisville for the first time in 1994. Mom and I went on a lng weekend trip that included seeing the outdoor theater presentation of Stephen Foster Story, Dinner on “My Old Kentucky Dinner Train,” in Bardstown and a trip to the Kentucky Derby Museum!

The first time we’d been in the horse-country areas of Kentucky, was when we took our two-week trip in 1989. It was the weekend right after Secretariat died. The Hilton we stayed at had a “Secretariat Suite” that was not available for renting that weekend. It had a black ribbon across it and everyone who walked past it seemed to look and then bow their heads as they walked on. I pretty much formed the opinion that in Kentucky man was a close second to the horse!

The Derby museum was a great attraction! They had wonderful historical information and biographies about all of the horses who’d been in The Derby. there were galleries for the different horse farms in the area and I even found a horse for me! Davona Dale, there was a letter missing, but imagine a HORSE with my name IN KENTUCKY! That’s like sharing a name with a member of the royal family!

It was, of course, not Derby day, but the hoses were running at Churchill Downs that day. As we were leaving the museum, we were presented with tickets for the museum box, VERY good seats, if we wanted to go see the ponies. That was a very cool experience! I bet $2 to show on the horse with the prettiest name, how I always pick my horses. Of course, I didn’t win, but I have my losing ticket with a postcard from Churchill Downs framed as a really cool keepsake!

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