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Isolation: When Our Disease Makes Us Withdraw

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday By Request

I’ve been playing with some simple animation in the form of learning how to make blinkies. Yeah, I know, that’s not part of my catching up goal for this year, but the brain gets all mooshy if you don’t let it have some exercise now and then!

So, I’ve created my very first blinkie for The Chronicles of Nani! I’ve been wanting to mess with doing that for a while. I have never in my life done any, even simple, animation. So, now I can say with certainty that I can do simple animation. A little bit of understanding about video comes in handy. When I think of the countless hours I’ve spent in my lifetime watching video one---frame---at---a---time, it makes the whole concept of what I need to do to make a still object move a lot simpler. LOL

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I finished up the blinkie Wednesday night, just before David got home. I was pretty pleased with my first attempt and was excited to show David. We talked a little about it then and during dinner, and the request for this Friday was born. Yes, requests for Friday are supposed to be in by midday Wednesday, but living under the same roof, gives David some extra time!

David wanted a blinkie. He doesn’t have a current blog or website and really doesn’t participate in any forums where blinkies are used in signatures. So, I asked him where he was going to use the blinkie. I needed that to determine size. His final decision was that he wanted it to be an animation logo of the kids and put on MY blog in honor of our third Dativersary. It works out well for FBR because our Dativersary is today! Our first date was May 2, 2005. Three years later we pretty much figure this is a serious thing! I mean, if we didn't stick together now, there'd be a messy custody battle and all!

Here is David’s request. In honor of our third Dativersary and celebrating the glory of our cat-parenthood, I bring you our cat-parent blinkie!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Nikki said...

Your cat parent blinkie is soooo cute!
Toot-tooting through on the DSO Blog train! Have a great weekend!!!

Sherrie (RCMama) said...

Nice blinkies! Sorry I did not get around to making one for you. Oops! I see you took matters into your own hands, though, and you did a GREAT job!