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Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday - No Request

They both need to get back on track
for this to happen again this year!!

No requests again! Everyone, please, don’t be shy! Just about anything is game, aside from requesting scrapbooking kits. You can request layouts, articles, photo and video, almost anything that’s okay for 13 and over. Checkout some of the previous FBRs here and on the archive - Friday By Request. If you’ve made a request, feel free to request again!

Good Friday everyone! The weekend is just a few hours away as I write this. Boy, it was a quick week! Boston took 3 out of 4 in their series with the Tigers and the Reds dropped 2 in their three game series with the Cubs. The saving grace was Atlanta sweeping the Padres, but it’s rough to get too excited when the Reds and Tigers are struggling!

I’ve been a Reds and Tigers fan for nearly all my life, over three decades of it anyway. Back in the late 80s, I became a Braves fan because I guess I just love an underdog. Boy they were awful then! But there was a thrill in watching them grow too. I saw the Braves at Fulton County Stadium in 1991, back when the whole notion of adopting the Tomahawk Chop was still new. I was in training to become a homer in my new hometown.

Things change, life moves on. I got a job in Michigan, so the moving south dream was on hold until I got some experience under my belt. I was still going to eventually be in Atlanta. I bought a new NOT AT ALL Michigan car in 1994, I peppered Atlanta with resumes and the Braves finally won the World Series in 1995.

My goals have always been planned with the affirmation “this or something better” as the final line on my written commitment to them. Something better came along!

Ah, those dreams of the 90s! Then this Michigander fell in love. Yeah, I know, how fickle is woman for the beating of her heart and all. In the grownup world you make the best decisions you possibly can. It’s usually this or that, this AND that isn’t a choice! I think I got the better end if it all. A hot set of wheels won’t be as much fun to drive when I’m 50 anyway, the state of business says that no job will be faithful to me until retirement regardless of how faithful I am to it and I can bear winter if there is someone to keep me warm. Well, okay, I could bear a Georgia winter easier with someone to keep me warm too, but my someone hates heat and will in no way consider Georgia as a place to live because of the summers! So a decision - Georgia or David. Well, duh! That one was easy! But, I do still reserve my right to be a kid sometimes and get 2 different flavors when I go to Baskin Robbins. Of course, they have 31 flavors so I STILL don’t get it all, but at least I get more!

So, back to my roots, I’m cozy between the Tigers and Reds with the Mud Hens to keep me happy at home. But as my affection and loyalty runs for them like siblings in my baseball heart, the Braves are still like a beloved favorite cousin! So the Braves winning is SUPPOSED to be icing on the cake when the Reds and Tigers win!

Anyway, that’s the long version of why the week went so quickly! Baseball! And ice cream...

So, those of you that aren't big fans of the personal long-winded baseball soliloquy, get me a request for next week! (haha) Of course, if you ARE a fan of the baseball soliloquy, make a baseball request! And for the scrappers, regardless of your baseball preferences, be sure to check out The Chronicles tomorrow for a freebie...with a price!

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txbubbles said...

Popping by to see what's up. Talk about backing an underdog! I've been an Astro's fan for TOO many years! LOL!!!