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Monday, May 12, 2008

Da Boss Done Good!

I hope all of you Moms and influencing women out there had a great Mothers Day! If you’ve been a reader of The Chronicles of Nani for a while, or if you’ve read any of the archives, you know I add the influential women because there are a lot of cases where you don’t have to have kids to be a “mom supporter” They don’t have holidays for men and women without kids who make a difference in kids’ lives. Teachers, coaches, aunts, older sisters neighbors, they’re all part of that group. When a Mom sends her kids off to school in the morning, to sports practice, dance lessons, even Sunday school, they are entrusting their children to the care of other adults. They are letting their kids leave their influence and trusting another influence to guide them for a while. You don’t have to have kids to be a good influence, a role model, or a positive example. But you do make a difference and you do assist the Moms out there! So Happy Mothers Day to the Moms and Happy Mom Assistants day to all of us!

I’ve had a somewhat motherly relationship with my twin nieces ever since they lost their Mother in 2000. So, based on the fact that we look so much alike, people who know the three of us casually think they are mine. I guess maybe they might think I’m their grandmother too. They call me “Nana.” My little brother was almost 30 when they were born, so I guess I might look like a young grandmother. I have a friend who is a little younger than me who is a grandmother! But whatever the reason, when I’m wished a “Happy Mothers Day,” I always smile and say “thank you.” I love kids and I take the honorary greeting as a trust, even from strangers, that I’m a good influence and an asset to the adult world!

But my pre-mug shot blog this morning is not to celebrate me, it’s to celebrate another Mom! As many readers here know, my first scrapbooking creative team position was with RC Mama Designs. When Sherrie welcomed me on her team, her kits were all freebies offered on her blog. Her team helped promote her to get CT experience and to help elevate her designs to a level of exposure that might make her able to “go pro.”

I wanted to wait just a little so she could savor it a while, but now I’m going to burst if I don’t shout it from the rooftop of my own coffee shop - SHERRIE HAS GONE PRO!!!!!!!!! She has a couple of kits available for purchase at Scrappin’ Freestyle.

“My Little Guy” and “Paisley Sunshine” are the kits in her store, with I’m sure, more to come! I gotta tell ya, it just feels awesome to be on that team! It’s sorta like a scrapping playoff win.

Here are a couple of layouts made with RC Mama Designs products:

Noni at Work
Kit - Paisley Sunshine by RC Mama Designs at scrappinfreestyle.com
font - Matura MT Script & Arial
Link to kit

It’s A Cat’s World
Kit - Felt Flowers by RC Mama Designs, Template by jasjul at Stone Accents Studios
Fonts - Apple Chancery, Book Antiqua
Available at the SFS blog for free, (April 24)

Stop by Sherrie’s blog. RC Mama Designs http://rcmama.blogspot.com/ and drop a comment of congratulations and encouragement! I am a PROUD CT member!!!

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txbubbles said...

Toodling through to say good morning. Great layouts! Be back later for the mug!