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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Photoblog Wednesday

Is M-DOT doing anything like this?

Send your "home town pride" hockey pictures to chroniclesofnani@gmail.com. If I get any hockey signs or fan pics for the Red Wings or the Penguins, I'll post them next week! The score on the ice will determine the best team, but who has the best fans??


Melanie aka Mom_of_5 said...

Don't know anything about hockey, but it shows great support!

Luisa said...

Hi Nanni, mmh pictures for the stars, have to look around, LOL, Passing for the blog train, leaving some love!!

txbubbles said...

Just stopping by to see what's up in your little corner. I have been so swamped this week, I have not had the time to visit anybody! Cute pics! Love to see those tax dollars at work!

carjazi said...

Not sure about this year since I no longer live in Detroit, but I know that in 97 & 98 (last time I lived there for Cup time) it was ALL Wings All the the time. Haven't been into hockey as much since I left. But gotta say
Go Wings!!

Hope you had a great weekend.