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Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday By Request

It has been a BUSY couple of weeks! I don’t scrap during the day. If I tried to scrap during lunch, it would end up being a four-hour lunch Before I knew it and I’d have wasted any time to get resumes emailed while someone is there or get to the post office if I needed to. So, scrap-time starts at five. Now remember, I’m earning my room and board playing Donna Reed right now too! So, Donna has to make sure there’s food on the table when Alex gets home from the office!

David and I were joking about that yesterday. Alex Reed was a physician. Donna was living the dream of the day. She snagged her a doctor! We agreed that if it was back at the time of The Donna Reed Show, I wouldn’t be in bad shape having snagged a newspaper man, either. Ah, but in today’s world, newspapers have a lot more competition and in this economy and job market, the newspaper big shots take as much advantage as anyone does! Maybe a TV producer would be the lucrative mate of today? Oh, wait. That education and background is ME, and I’m not making that big money either. One of us needs to go to med school! (Or I gotta see if Uncle Vinne is modern enough to let me into the family business!*)

The point is, my after 5 hours are pretty booked too. I have the heritage project that I am ever feverishly working on and right now, almost constant designing!

For the record, I made the cut for round 3 of the contest at SAS! Now I have to come up with one more kit by Monday! We have a theme AND a color palette this time around. It kinda squishes inspiration possibilities a little bit more. You can’t get much more dull than the palette we have to work with and my job is to make something interesting within the theme. But that’s the essence of a contest like this. Can you still take to the mound and register the outs when there is almost no strike zone? Well, I’m gonna do it or bean the batter trying!

But enough scrap-talk! Let’s get on with Friday By Request...which is more scrap-talk this week! hehehe

Lora sent me an email with her request. At first she asked if I could do a kit, but then referred back to the “official rules” for FBR and acknowledging the “no kits” clause asked if I could help her locate the kits she was looking for. THAT I can do!

Lora’s daughter is in her 3rd year as a cheerleader for their town’s youth league. She sent me a photo. She is an absolute doll in her cheer-gear! What Lora’s request is, what she’s looking for is scrapbooking kits for cheerleading. So she and I agreed that I’d compile a list of scrap supplies for the cheerleading theme.

Seems like it should be a simple enough request, but nuh-uh! It’s easier to find fairy kits than cheerleaders kits! Personally, I don’t get that. There are more cheerleader pictures to scrap than fairy pictures! But I spent a couple of evenings searching the net, freebie places and scrapbook stores. I even posted a query in the contestants lounge at SAS. where I got a tip from Amber at No Reimer Reason and one form Katlen at Katlen Kreations, but everyone in the contestant forum agreed that it was odd, but true, that cheer leader kits are not in abundance!

So, here is everything I could find this week:

“Gimme an S, Gimme a C, Gimme an R-A-P!”
For Lora

We really do need more kits for shots like this!

This ended up being quite a challenge! Honestly, none of the girls in my life have done any cheerleading, though with Tori and Rina starting high school this year, I suppose that could change. At any rate, I haven’t had the need to look. So, here is the list of what I could find this week. If you know of more, please share them in the comments!

Red titles are free, Green titles are for sale.

Shell’s Designs has a set of freebie brushes that are pretty nice (although I looked quick and grabbed the url and clicked out - halloween arachnids! YICK!!!!)

Scrapbook Scrapbook has a number of freebies

Breezy Design has some shapes and word art for sale. There is information at this page about purchasing these items coordinated to team colors.

Scrap Girls has some cheerleading stickers for sale

Nexas Blog
This blog entry is a year old, but the really cute buttons freebie is still a valid 4shared link! Unfortunately, as is sometimes the case with an older blog entry, I could not locate the sweet kit on the same page!

Thanks to Amber from No Reimer Reason for pointing out the kit at Digital Candy! Actually, The Digi Twins have a few things at Digital Candy.

There are a couple of megaphone element packs here and here, and a kit called “Catch The Spirit” which is dance and cheer

There’s a really nice Collab kit at Inspiration Lane called Popular that has me nice cheer word art in it.

Katlen, from Katlen Kreations pointed these ones out to me.

We’ve Got Spirit from Digitals

and 8 hits on a search at Digital Scrapbook Place I really like the “We've Got Spirit” kit at DSP!

* I don’t have an uncle Vinnie and my family is not even from THAT part of Italy!

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Sherrie (RCMama) said...

Congrats on Round Three! Good luck!