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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Finals Are Here!

That’s right, it’s down to eleven final contestants! To get you ready for voting, I have a sample of each designer’s contest work and a link to her blog! As may of you know, I really disliked the colors for the last round. A personal opinion, but I thought the gallery looked pretty dreary with all that brown. That’s a shame, because there were some great kits with rich, textured papers and quaint antique elements that would have just taken my breath away with a little bit of color! This round, the final round, was “show us your style.” There was no palette, no theme, completely free. This week’s gallery is GORGEOUS! The colors are bright and beautiful and the themes varied and versatile, including a couple of kits that I’d call great heritage kits! So now, I’d like to introduce you to my cast mates from the past month, who’ve made it to the final round! (Be sure to stop at their blogs for more examples and the extra promo freebies!)

1. Ambowife Designs
A Charmed Life
Click on image to go to download

2 . Aquarius Design - Aquarius Scrapability
Child’s Play
Click on image to go to download

3 . Charlen49 - Charlie’s Digiscraps
Paper Princess
Click on image to go to download

4. Designs By Karyn The Life and Times of Karyn
9 PM
Click on image to go to download

5 . Mitsybelle - mITSYBELLE
A Bit Of Bling
Click on image to go to download

6 . Noreimerreason - No Reimer Reason
Tea Party
Click on image to go to download

7. Piggy Scraps Designs
Falling Into Fall
Click on image to go to download

8 . QueenBrat - Bits N Pieces of QueenBrat Designs
Written In The Stars
Click on image to go to download

9 . Sooze - Srappin and Stuff with Sooze
Just 4 Fun
Click on image to go to download

10. Starlight - Monika Digital Designs
Click on image to go to download

11. Wimpy Chompers - Wimpy Chompers Creations
Pieces of Me
Click on image to go to download

So, there’s your taste of the scrapbook buffet at Stone Accents Studio. Only three of these incredible designers will join the SAS team. I still haven’t decided yet. This is by far the toughest round because this time there won’t be others to make up for the number 4 and 5 kits I don’t vote for. Flipping a coin is truly one wins, one loses! Loses this particular contest anyway. As I said early in this competition, we are all winners for having the courage to try. Look at the kits that have been posted in this contest since day one. That courage is part of the talent package! I’ll be doing some looking, thinking and sorting through the kits I downloaded and making that tough choice. SAS asks you to only choose 3! So please, look at the samples here, click on those blog links and get to know the designers, then click below and vote for your favorite three!


charlie said...

wow im gobsmacked(and that doesnt happen very often..lol)..what an amazing job you have done..thankyou for allyour support and I hope ours paths are still tangled on the otherside..mwahhhhh


No Reimer Reason said...

You are too amazing Nani. I have enjoyed being in this contest so much, but I think a part of that enjoyment is knowing you and being on the receiving end of your giving nature and encouragement. Thank you so much!! :-)

Tracy said...

Ah you are so sweet Nani, we do love our Head Cheerleader over at SAS, thanks Sweetie!
Tracy (Ambowife)

Aquarius Scrapability said...

Hi Nani,
You are truly fantastic for doing this, i my opinion Monica has the best kit this time, but looking at all 4 of the kits then i think Karin has shown how versetile she is. It's really hard because everyone has a different taste, i know i won't win but atleast i have shown that i'm not stuck in making everything 'the same', my boys loved it that's enough for me.
Big hug,

KatLen said...

thanks for all you have done!
you are amazing!

Flying Piggy said...

Nani, you are the awesomest cheerleader EVER! Thank you so much for the huge shout-out.

Monika said...

Thank you Nani for being our cheerleader you're awesome! You're doing an amazing work for all of us,sending hugs your way!

Carjazi said...

Wow how hard is it to choose.....I don't know how to pick just 1. So many gorgeous designs.

Speaking of, I just saw yours for the blog party tomorrow (helps to be freinds with the Wench) and WOW, it's GORGEOUS!!! Can't wait to pop in tomorrow night to snag it.

Have a great night!