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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Photoblog Wednesday

Alexis Kaline has been with us 3 years!

This is a very special Photoblog this Wednesday! Today marks the three-year anniversary of Kaline coming home! I’ve blogged about our baby girl a lot in the past three years! I thought I'd reprint the bad-poem (rhyming) that I wrote for a past Friday By Request about that night in 2005.

Kaline’s Wish

Her momma cat gone, she’s on her own,
Not old enough - hunt skills unknown,
Not enough teeth for hard scraps or fish,
Feral baby’s, maybe last wish.

That tiny waif on a chilly night,
Cried for someone to see her plight,
In the truck stop, homeless, left to roam,
Two kind souls came and took her home.

A new adventure, riding by car,
Look out the window, wish on a star,
“Feed and love me and keep me tonight,
Then I’ll be yours, this feels so right.”

Now there’s a room, a box and a bowl,
So much excitement at five weeks old,
Two people on the bed stare and smile,
“I think I’ll stay under here a while!”

Her little eyes open with sun’s gleam,
She’s in a house - it’s not a dream!
She hears voices from the bed above,
Last night they came, picked her to love.

Too high to jump, she climbed up the bed,
“My Mommy, My Daddy,” thoughts in her head,
Showered in scritches and loving voice,
“I found a home, Oh boy! Rejoice!’

“My people, I’ll love you through the years,
You saved me from all of my fears,
You give me love and food in my dish,”
Mommy and Daddy - Kaline’s wish!

If you’d like to read or reminisce about that first blog about Alexis Kaline, here is the link to the archives entry about it - “I’m A New Mommy!”

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No Reimer Reason said...

Aw, Kaline looks like our kitty, Petey, who we had for 10 years. I love orange tabbies.