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Monday, September 15, 2008

More Scrapbooking Meets Cross Stitching!

Get the quick page as part of “I Cross My Heart”
available for download at Stone Accents Studio!

I hope all the scrappers who visit he Chronicles of Nani are enjoying the abundant freebies at Stone Accents Studio and the increased freebies from Digitalegacies when you visit here this month! There are so many talented amateur designers in this contest that even if I don’t advance, I’m going to try to stay somewhat involved in the contest, maybe in support of one of the other designers who do advance as a guest CT or something. Then again, I may advance to round three for next week myself, so I’m not committing to anything yet! We’ll see what happens. I’ve already learned quite a lot in this endeavor, which is worth the price of admission. That price of admission is, of course, the free kits which are not downloadable from The Chronicles. We pay with advertising for SAS, by bringing our readers to their site.

It’s a brief entry today! I wanted to show and offer! Show you this:

And offer it for free here:

Sorry, this link is expired.

This add on is all the extra elements I did last weekend and the numbers 0-9 to go with “I Cross My Heart” which I hope you’ve already downloaded, but if not, get it here:

Sorry, this link is expired.

Voting starts tonight at 6 PM Central Time. I hope you’ll consider checking off the box next to “I Cross My Heart” by Nani when you vote!

Now back to my daily Monday grind. Scrapbookers and non-Scrappers alike, look for the Monday Mug Shot this evening! Thanks for looking!


cjpeterson38 said...

Since I love other crafts besides digital scrapbooking this is especially nice. When we go to the fair the handiwork section is one of my favorite places. TY so much!

The Den said...

I love the kit, but when I tried to unzip the add on it asks for passwords for each element and then doesn't extract. I would love to have it too.

Nani said...

I'm uploading the add-on to for shared again now. Sometimes the files are p and downloading fine and the "ping" they corrupt! It's happened to my files before and to me downloading others' files. It's an occasional glitch and minor considering the account is free there!

You should be able to download now. If there are any other problems with it just send me an email (chroniclesofnani@gmal.com) and I'll see what else I need to do!