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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Even The Losers...

Just not feeling all the brown for old stuff!

For the record, if you aim for the batter, the ump will eject you. If the manager pulls you before you get that desperate, you don’t get to play anymore innings in the game, but you won’t miss your next start either.

So, the manager of Digitalegacies, oh, that’s me, came to the mound for “the talk”

“Do you think you can get this next kit out?”

“You know I’m not gonna say I can’t.”

“If you can’t get this next idea, I’m pulling ya.”

So, Coach goes back to the dugout and I sit in front of the computer, staring at the swatch before me with glazed eyes. I made a couple elements. The first one was low and the batter didn’t even flinch. The second one looked good, I thought it was close enough inside of the high and inside corner. Not so much.

I did a paper. That was foul. I tried recoloring it and it never made the catcher’s mitt. Out of the park.

Coach comes back to the mound.

“I’m sorry, you really tried, but give me the mouse.”

I’m sorry to all of the scrappers who read this blog and don’t know baseball. I’m also sorry to the baseball fans who don’t know scrapping.

David and Seamhead Gypsy get it though. ;)

In a nutshell, I pulled myself out of the design competition. I’ve tried several things and have nothing to show for it but a few ideas that I think are good ones but I just can’t do them within the palette! As I paraphrased in the contestants lounge at SAS “It’s better to post nothing and be thought not talented enough to compete than to post a kit that removes all doubt!”

I will still be involved as a cheerleader to my fellow contestants and I’m trying to organize a cast party after the scrapping designer reality show has completed and the last three cast members stand to receive their reward! The great news for scrap fans about the cast party? FREEBIES! Stay tuned as I hopefully get things organized.

Also, as a thank you for your support as I attempted to become a SAS-y Lady, I do have a final contest freebie for you! Like I said, I had a few decent ideas, but I just couldn’t bring myself to drain the color out of them to fit the palette. I created those things anyway!

Well, I’m not going to use them alone!!!

Okay, I guess it’s sorta like trying to feed all the leftover cyber Jell-O to my avatar after a failed attempt at a computer bake-off so she gains 20 pixels, but it’s just too many pixels to sit dormant in my 4-shared account for me alone! And besides, only avatars get fat from cyber Jell-o! (That’s why they prefer black forest cake!)

Here are the efforts that were worth sharing!

(sorry, link is expired - These elements will be back as part of a new kit next month!)

Named for a Tom Petty song, “Even The Losers” has only one paper and 6 elements. Three of the elements are in violation of the palette anyway. (Meaning the ump would have thrown me out of the game for a spit ball!) :) I do reserve the right to use these elements in future kits, where appropriate!

Of course, just as with any Digitalegacies kit, use any part of “Even The Losers” and send me a file or URL, and I’ll send you the links to an even better prize, “Indian Summer!”

Make sure you stop at Stone Accents Studio and check out the contest gallery where you can download some HUGE kits from contestants who did figure our how to do something with this palette!


No Reimer Reason said...

I keep going back and forth on my kit for this latest round. I LOVE what I have created so far, but it is just so much smaller than the other submissions that I fear it won't get many votes in spite of how great I think it is. LOL. I guess I'll see how I feel after this evening is over, since I won't have any more time after tonight to work on it.

Nani said...

That was a huge part of why I decided to bow out. No limits meant that while I was miserably struggling to come up with the minimums from previous rounds (10 papers, 15 elements) there were 30 paper, 40+ elements kits up. There was NO way I could compete with that!

But it makes for great mega kits to download for free!!

After "Americana" and "Rainy Days and Mondays," I'm sure No Reimer Reason's kit will be FABULOUS! :)

Aquarius Scrapability said...

I really do like those elements if i would have thought about that theme i would have done Big Band theme.
If you still have time and you 'feel' that theme just use it hunnie!
Of to work now, still can't figure out the CT time.
Big hug,

seamhead gypsy said...

No need to hang your head! In my eye's you're the greatest anyway!!

Besides, it's better to go out on your own terms than for some else to take you out of the game.

Keep the chin up, I know that you probably are!

Veelana said...

Aaaw, I'm sad to hear that you dropped out. I think you could have made it to the next round, your kits are so pretty!