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Saturday, September 6, 2008

And now for something REALLY special!

Yes, right now I’m a little scrap happy. I’ve been on a bit of a creative high, which is cool since I entered that competition. I hope it holds out as long as I do. Well, I guess if it doesn’t I won’t either. Hmmm...

I was given an award last week, I mean before Labor Day last week! Long weekends can frazzle the mind a little, but in a good way. Frazzled from the world going on while I was in deep relaxation mode. Yes, waking up at o-dark-thirty and chasing trains until sunset is my idea of deep relaxation.

Mitsybelle presented me with this award:
The Brillante Weblog award

It’s a pretty award! I now have more awards at The Chronicles of Nani than I do on the shelf downstairs. I only display the Innovative Cable Excellence award I won in 1995. My other awards and mentions from the TV days are paper and require frames and wall space. The ICE was the big one. I entered the competition not expecting to win, but I really wanted to. The award is so pretty! hehe...

Follow the hyperlink to Mitsybelle’s blog and check out her kit for the first round of the competition! That’s my project for this weekend. I’ve got my kit started. I want to finish by Sunday. They are due in to SAS by the 8th and I’m inviting everyone to stop at Stone Accents Studio and pick up all the great freebies! Voting starts on the 11th, so stop back and vote for your favorite. I’m not saying you should pick me, but don’t decide who you’ll vote for until you see what Digitalegacies is offering! But in the mean time, definitely consider Mitsybelle’s! Now that I’ve seen a few of the kits from the competition, I’m saying an extra prayer that the creativity keeps buzzing for at least the first round...I don’t want to embarrass myself! :)

Now, that freebie I taunted you about yesterday is here! Edna of Miss Edna’s Place did this quick page with my “Daddy’s Little Girl” kit.

It knocked me back in my chair when I saw it. I feel like an actual designer now. I am seeing people use my kits to do some stunning layouts and this quick page is fantastic. It’s like Edna reached into the back of my creativity to put together the layout I did the kit to create.

She did two versions o the quick page, with the single and plural daughter word arts. I had some pictures of my cousin’s daughter and added them in. Quick, simple and beautiful!

The download is through The Chronicles of Nani, but the quick page is Edna’s gift to me and all of you who’d like it. Be sure to stop at her blog and let her know you picked up the quick page!

Sorry, this link is expired.


Edna B said...

Wow, now I feel really darn special!! Thank you.

p.s. Even though you have one, I've given you the I Love Your Blog award. It's on my blog waiting for you.

I'll promote this QP posting tomorrow on my blog. Again, thanks for making my day.

Edna B said...

Shame on me. I forgot to tell you that your cousin's daughter is just precious. Hugs, Edna B.