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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Vote For Me...Please??

No, I am NOT bribing you!!!

The voting has started at Stone Accents Studio. It’s been a disappointing start for me, but judging from the number of comments and downloads of other kits, I’m not surprised. I just don’t quite have my finger on the digital scrapbooking community’s pulse. I’m not dead yet, but at current rate, I’m liable to just skate by if I do make it to the next round. If you are a member at SAS or if you’d consider joining, please vote for me? My bruised ego would be grateful. If I am going to make it to round two, I’d prefer if I feel I at least had a chance of making it farther to feel inspired for round two! :)

You can go to the voting at SAS here. You can vote for as many as you like, but they’d prefer everyone to pick 3 or 4. I would really love it if I was one of yours!!

Interesting day in the Catdom. We took Baggle in to see the vet this morning. He’s had some trauma at the litter box and the he developed a spot where his fur was thinning on his back. The vet checked him out and said she believes it’s allergies. They are sending out the littler box sample to be checked and she gave him a steroid shot. On the way home, I asked David if he thought Baggle would be able to hit a home run now. ;)

When we got back, I let Baggle out of the carrier, a much happier boy because he was home! Kaline wasn’t so happy a girl though! There was a little sniffing, then some whining and even some hissing! David and I think that maybe the shot mixed in with Baggle’s chemistry enough to make his scent a little off. Kaline was acting like, “Okay, who are you and what did you do with my brother?”

David is home this week on vacation. The weather wasn’t up to snuff anywhere to justify the gas and lodging in his opinion, so he’s home. It’s a little distracting having him here during, my daily job-hunting stuff, but I’m glad for the company at lunch time.

Now, I have to finish up the designing part of a collab kit I’m doing and off to scrap a page or two!

Thanks for looking in...VOTE FOR ME!!!

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