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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Wonderful Gift!

Layout with “I Cross My Heart” by Sherrie of RC Mama Designs

I made the big “my ego can take it” plunge and asked for a serious CC (constructive critique) n my latest kit. Sherrie, RC Mama Designs, one of “my designers” that I CT for, offered that if I wanted it, she’d be brutal, but fair in fine tooth combing my kit. Now, in a competition with deadlines and marathon creating, there just isn’t time for a good CC and adjusting before uploading. IF I got my entry in on time, there’d be no time to promote! But I asked Sherrie to take a look at “I Cross My Heart” and let me know where I can improve the kit for after the competition, and where I can do better if I make it to the next round.

So, I got my kit back with all the mistakes and “needs improvement” circled. It was just like my Mom used to do with my papers in high school. But that’s not at all a bad thing! Mom’s red circles in High School made me a better writer. I’d say it had something to do with my high GPA in college too! (If only David could do that to my typing!) So my design work will be getting better and better. Even if I’m done after this round in the contest, I’m committed to getting better!

There was one point she didn’t mention in her critique that she added later, perhaps not realizing she added it to the critique when she did the layout above, but I completely agree with her. I was so worried about making authentic elements for the theme in this kit, that I neglected to add some rectangle or square frames. Now, there was a size limit as to the number of elements, but I didn’t do any parallelogram frames in the add-on either. Note to self - most photos start out as rectangles!

Sherrie’s comments were not all the places that need improvement! She did make a special mention of really liking the aida cloth with all the needles in it paper in “I Cross My Heart.” She used it in her layout and she gave me the most lovely gift! She made that fabulous layout a quick page for me to share with all of you!

There are two versions of this quick page. The Grandma version, just like her layout, and one that isn't “addressed” so you can love anyone “SEW” much!

You can download the quick page-set here: Sorry, this link is expired.

Make sure you stop by Sherrie’s blog, RC Mama Designs, and let her know you go t the quick page and tell how awesome she is for making for all of us!

If you haven’t voted yet or haven't downloaded all the great kits from round 2, what are you waiting for?? Remember that you need to be logged in at SAS to download and vote. If you aren’t a member, it’s free and painless to join and downloading the kits in this contest alone are worth the trouble! But I bet you’ll find all kinds of reasons to stay once you’re in! Make sure you vote. Vote for the 3, maybe 4 kits you like the best. I’d really love it if one of those boxes you check is “I Cross My Heart” by Nani (That’s SAS member- language for Digitalegacies!)


Carjazi said...

I'm glad you found someone to give you the CC you're looking for. Sometimes I feel like I'm just getting smoke blown. Especially with my elements. That's my weak point, Glad you're progressing with the SAS contest. I've been over and had to re-register to get my login. It's been awhile since I've been there. Good luck to ya!
Hope Ike didn't dump too much rain on you over the weekend either.

Take care!

No Reimer Reason said...

How blessed you are to know someone who can (and will) give you constructive criticism. I ask my husband for CC and he can (and does) give it on the elements I create that are supposed to look realistic (like the metal frame) or on anything web design related since he is a web developer, but anything "scrappy" and he's lost on what to say or look for. :-)

Not only that, but kudos to you for asking for the CC. It is really hard putting yourself out there like that!!