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Sunday, September 7, 2008

My First Round Kit

Yesterday was my power-designing day. I had my idea, a couple elements and two papers done. So the goal was to finish up the kit and get it uploaded. Well, the computer crashing while saving about 80% of the preview at almost 2 AM told me that I’d settle for almost and finish up this morning. So, I woke up and did the preview, stuffing and uploading even before my first cup of coffee! That’s dedication, huh? Actually, I like this preview better than the one that got swallowed up by the spinning wheel of doom last night anyway!

As I was saying about my somewhat prophetic inspiration when I was photographing the post office in Leaf River, many of you know, my theme kits all share their names with song titles. John Michael Montgomery does a song called “Letters From Home,” a beautiful song about how soldiers depend on that connection with home when they are on the front lines. You may have heard it here in the selection on my online iPod. I was truly inspired! I have a page of notes in my travel journal and wondered if I’d have any time to develop it during the contest. I thought a kit reminding us to remember our troops would be a great pre-Thanksgiving release. Then I read the email from SAS about the first round.

Imagine the goose bumps! The first round for the Stone Accents Studio Designer Contest is “Heroes,” a perfect opportunity to develop my new idea into a kit! The voting for this round will start on September 11, the anniversary of the terrorist attacks in the United States, but the kits don’t have to be military or American to fit the theme. There are some great kits already there about police, fire and health care providers.

So here is the preview for my hero kit, round one in the competition, “Letters From Home.” I am pleased with it. I don’t think I embarrassed myself at all!

My favorite element of the whole kit is the helmet frame, with a space inside for a photo, just like many men and women in the service carry their photos of loved ones in the field. Number two would be the stamps! I am particularly proud of the theme papers in this kit. My papers are something I really need to work on and I've been putting that effort in for the last few kits Ive done.

Because it’s for the contest, downloads for this kit are only a Stone Accents Studio. If you follow the link it will take you to the “Letters From Home” gallery page there. I hope you’ll download it and perhaps even try it out. If you do, I’d love it if you posted it at Stone Accents Studio! Of course, competition or not, if you do use the kit, I’ll send you the link for “Indian Summer” too! It’s always 2-fer time at Digitalegacies!

Voting in the contest starts on September 8. I hope you’ll remember to go back and vote for your favorite of the free kits there and I really hope that favorite is “Letters From Home!” As the very best kind of reminder to vote, check back here on September 11 for a blog freebie add-on for “Letters From Home!”

For right now, check out the SAS gallery for your links for “Letters From Home!”

Download “Letters From Home” at Stone Accents Studio


carjazi said...

The kit looks Great!!!! I'm so glad that you decided to join in the competition. I know you'll do well. Love the helmet and all the ellies are so awesome. That's so my weakness, so much that I pretty much stick to making just papers.

Hope you had a great weekend and wishing you all the best with the contest. I'll be checking in on your progress. :)

charlie said...

Your blog lokks great and looks like you have been as busy as me...welldone!